On tap for today was my long run.  Due to a switch up in my plan for the week, I decided to run my long run today.  I decided that I am going to run a 5K on Saturday morning, and if all goes well, I’m really going to RACE it.  I haven’t done that in a year, so I’m due for my 5K best effort check up.  I’m actually quite excited and nervous about it!  Also, my daughter is at equestrian camp this week and she is having a “horse show” on Friday so I don’t want to miss that.


Note: this is not actually my daughter, or anything like what my daughter is attending.  But it would be really cool if this is what they were doing at the horse show!!  I’d sign myself up for it next year!

It had the makings of a great run.  I got my iPod loaded with some interesting podcasts.  I charged up said iPod.  Laid out my clothes.  Charged up my watch.  Even filled my water bottle and had my cereal bar all ready so I could be up and out the door at 6am.  I marked myself in late at work, so I could get all the miles in.  16 total, 10 at marathon pace.


Well, life had other plans.  Here’s how it went…

  • mile .5 => yep, that 85% humidity was true, this is going to be hard.  Just take these miles easy.
  • mile 2 => Low battery message on watch.  What?  Ugh, my watch wasn’t really charging last night.
  • mile 3 => Sweat is pouring from my face.  Left speaker on headphones goes out.
  • mile 3.5 => Sweat has caused both speakers on headphones to stop.  CRAP!
  • mile 5 => Let’s just turn around now.  Just make it back home.  This sucks.  I’ll finish up on the treadmill.
  • miles 6-10 => Let’s just concentrate on finishing this run.  Think about how grateful I am that I am out here running.  I’ll just run until that tree.  Nope, going to start walking here now.  Come on.  Start running, let’s just finish this run!!!
  • mile 11-14 => on treadmill now.  Uggh.  This is cooler, but no better.  This is just not happening today.  I’m calling it quits at 14 miles.

Here’s the best part of my run – laying on the floor resting.  No jokc.  It was a rough one today.

2015-06-11 08.33.48

Did I hit any of those 10 miles at marathon pace?  Hell no.  Not even one.  When I was really “trying” at mile 3, I did get 5 seconds slower, no dice.  That was the closest I came.

Am I bummed about it?  Eh, it happens.  Will I survive?  Yes.  In the end, it’s all good.  Tomorrow is another day 🙂


Early forecast for Saturday morning (5K day) is 80% humidity again.  Fingers crossed I can do better!


Q:  Having a good running day today, or a bad one?

Q:  If only one was working, would you need your iPod or running watch more?

Having both out is just tragic, right??

One thought on “Really, is this it??”
  1. I have learned that the “bad” running days are still better than the “non-running” days! I think it is mentally challenging to get through a “bad” running day…. and you really are a rock start for getting through 14 miles on a “bad” running day! Sometimes, I think the bad running days help prepare us better than the “good” running days! Does that make sense? I feel like I am talking in circles….LOL!

    My son just had a field trip to a horse farm and LOVED it! I wants to return so badly!!! I bet your daughter is having the best time at camp!!!! Hope she takes pictures for you to share!!!

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