What a busy weekend it was!  It’s officially summer now. Except for the fact that we’ve been running the furnace for the past two days due to cold temps, which is totally out of whack, and the kids wore fleece coats on their last day of school!!  Weird.

But the past weekend started out pretty warm. Alan joined me for my long run. It didn’t start until after noon, so it was quite sweaty and humid. Not my ideal conditions. We ran on my favorite trail which was nicely shaded – good thing because I would have melted in the hot sun.

2015-05-29 13.13.09

We ran 14 together and then he ran an extra 10 more miles to complete his long run requirement.   It was 72 degrees, but with humidity of 83%, it felt like 90 degrees!  I know that’s not really super hot, but I sure am not used to it yet.

Note to self, black tank and black shorts look like a one piece outfit! More contrast needed!


I ran with my heart rate monitor strap and was trying to keep my HR around the same as when I run on the treadmill, which is an average of 150ish for a “not pushing it” pace, but with the humidity I was having a hard time keeping my HR under 170.  Even when I kept slowing down I still couldn’t keep it that low.  I felt a bit better about my raised HR after reading this article which said:

An increase in temperature of about 20 degrees Fahrenheit may cause your heart rate to increase by 10 beats for the same workout as you did on a cooler day.

I had another free Starbucks treat waiting for me, so I indulged in this delicious S’mores drink after my run.  After that I probably drank 2 more gallons of water.  I was parched!

2015-05-29 15.03.34

Another fun happening of the weekend:  stopped at the Girls on the Run 5K race at the nearby mall.  None of us ran, but the kids love the fun stuff going on there with the hair coloring and funny photo booth pictures.

2015-05-30 08.47.10

GOTR 0222

And finally, we celebrated Sydney’s birthday with the awesome cake mentioned earlier.  It did not disappoint!  The best part, the cake is so rich we only eat small pieces, which are thoroughly satisfying, but makes it last for dessert for quite a few nights!  What a great way to stretch out your birthday 🙂

2015-05-30 19.19.23-1


Q: How do you hydrate on your runs – hand held water bottle, hydration vest, or drinking fountains along the way?

I have not tried a vest yet, but Alan likes his Nathan vest a lot.  He drank 4 liters of water on his 24 mile run!

Q: Favorite Starbucks drink?  Ice coffee, flavored coffee, tea or other?

Q: Enjoying warm weather yet in your part of the country, or unseasonable coolness like us?



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