So proud!!

Today I’ll spotlight another up and coming runner in my family – my daughter!  My kids have both participated in running for many years now.  One of their first races was when she was 6 years old.


Even then we knew how to celebrate a great run!


She has also participated in Girls On The Run for several years.  She enjoys racing, but was never one to request to go out for a run with me.  So I was excited when she signed up for Cross Country.  It involves practice 5 days a week, and a meets usually once a week.  Luckily the coach makes practices fun and she has been enjoying it!  They had their first meet (an invitational, with many schools) this past week.  Mind you, Cross Country is a new area for both Alan and I.  Neither one of us knew much about it, but now we do!  Facts learned: cross country happens in the Fall.  The kids run in the grass.  They run almost 2 miles.  All of the kids start at the same time.  Everyone gets to run.

At the first meet we were blown away with the number of kids.  This meet wasn’t even one of the bigger meets in terms of the number of schools involved!  And when they started, all of the kids took off running in a big group.  Crazy! (for runners who are used to organized starting chutes!)

She finished 26th out of 137 girls in her division, which was also good enough to get her a ribbon for her performance.  I could tell she was quite proud of her efforts, and so were we.  14:44 for 3200m.  A faster pace than mine!!

As for my running, I took both of the kids out with me for my 5 mile run on Sunday.  It was super humid, but the kids did a great job and they finished it with only minor complaints 🙂  Unfortunately during the run my right shin started hurting and it was annoying by the time we were done.  I iced it right away, in hopes it will be better by tomorrow.

Blue toenails!  That can only mean one thing – psych up time for Boston Qualifying!!  I need all of the positive energy I can get.


Q:  Do you ever coordinate your nail polish to your race outfit?

I don’t really because nail polish on my hands never stays on long enough.  But my toes will also be blue to support Boston!

Q: Did you ever run cross country in school?

I can’t even remember our school having a cross country team!  That’s how far removed I was from sports in school.

6 thoughts on “Cross Country adventures”
    1. Yes, I do hear that she is a mini-me all the time 🙂 I’m so glad it was a positive experience for her. I hope that continues!
      That is interesting – toenail polish stays on forever for me, but not at all on my fingers, unless it’s gel polish!

  1. Sydney is such a cutie pie! 🙂 so cool that she started cross country and did so great in her first meet! Cross country was compulsory in my primary school but we didn’t train, it was one day a year when everyone was randomly expected to run about 5k through the NZ bush! Crazy now that I think about it. I remember feeling like I was going to pass out haha. And that was with all my ballet training too! Yikes! Love the blue nail polish- sending you qualify for Boston vibes! 🙂
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