Hope you are all enjoying a long Labor Day weekend!  It’s been hotter than heck this weekend and we’ve been trying to get in some more pool days while we have the chance.  Another thing that we had talked about doing this summer was “camping” out in our tent.  Alan and I used to tent camp B.C (“before children”).  After one trip with two toddlers crawling around on the dirty ground, we decided a camper would be the way to go and we bought a pop-up camper.  But we still have two tents, so we decided to camp in one last night.  I didn’t even recognize our tent when we assembled it.  That’s how long it’s been since I’ve seen it!!

2015-09-07 07.35.09

After we put the tent up, we needed a fire, so Alan found a cool idea to make a fire right inside a tree log.  It started out pretty cool!


However, it was a challenge to keep it going, but for the time it was flaming, it was awesome!

2015-09-06 21.11.30

Then we moved inside for popcorn and watching some American Ninja Warrior on my laptop.  That sounds pretty traditional for a camping night, right?  Soon, it was time for bed.  We were still catching up on our sleep from the early race morning, and Zachary had gone to sleepover the night before.

2015-09-07 07.29.46

The night started out very warm, but by the time the morning rolled around I was freezing!  Luckily the kids were warm enough in their sleeping bags, but I had not done a good job of making the bed for Alan and I (which only consisted of a sheet and light blanket).  Alan woke up early and grabbed a fuzzy blanket to keep warm and luckily I had a hoodie that I put on.

This was my view when I woke up….

2015-09-07 07.34.11

My idea to use chair cushions as sleeping pads was pretty brilliant!

During the day on Saturday we went to the Fulton County Fair.  It’s always on Labor Day weekend, and always hotter than heck!!  In addition to super cute animals, the other big draw for us is the milk shakes.  Oh YUMMMMM!

2015-09-06 12.56.21 HDR 2015-09-06 12.55.49 HDR

After eating a burger and sucking down a huge milkshake, we were pretty stuffed.  Time to check out the sights…

2015-09-06 13.59.14 2015-09-06 14.51.41

That pretty much sums up our weekend festivities!  Hope you had an great weekend and got to enjoy some good food, drinks, and running!!  I’m looking forward to a short 3 day work week.  Thank you Labor Day!!  🙂


Q:  Is there a fair you usually attend?

Q: What is your favorite fair food?

We also bought a box of donuts at the fair.  We’ve heard they were great, but had never waited in line to get them.  They did not disappoint!!

Q:  Your pick – cutest farm animal – cows, chicks, or horses?

The cows were so cute!  

4 thoughts on “Happy holiday weekend!”
    1. I’m not sure why I decided the very hot weekend would be a good weekend to be in our tent, but it was fun so that’s all that mattered. Afterwards we all decided we preferred camping in our popup camper! I do love camping in the fall, and have several trips still in mind for this year!

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