While I’m enjoying (?) my last week of tapering for the Erie marathon, I’m finding other ways to pass my early morning hours.  Like volunteering at the local half marathon & 5K!  Packet pickup opened at 6:30am, but we needed to arrive at 6:00am for setup, and with a half hour drive time, that meant an extra early wakeup at 5am for me and the kids.  Why does an early weekend wakeup seem so tragic when it doesn’t involve me running!

2015-09-05 07.04.59

As we drove to the race we got a spectacular lightning show off in the distance.  Uh oh.  I didn’t plan on their being any rain involved.  Guess we might not be needing those sunglasses I brought along.  We got our instructions and waited for the runners to arrive.

2015-09-05 07.05.04 2015-09-05 07.05.08

Luckily I only had one unhappy person who didn’t get the size shirt they ordered.  It gives me a whole new perspective on the t-shirt pickup, because I *always* have to trade mine in for a different size.  Shirt brands vary so much!

Right before race start, the lightning was close by and it was pouring down rain.  Luckily we had a nice dry shirt to supply my husband with while he waited out the rain!  The race was delayed 45 mins.

2015-09-05 07.31.22

After the rain cleared, the runners were off!  The kids and I got to enjoy a pancake breakfast while the race was going on.  OMG, it was so good!

2015-09-05 08.15.10

Then, we headed out for our next role- course marshals!  Yep, my job can be replaced by a sign.

2015-09-05 09.00.39

We cheered Alan on, and then headed home to get out of wet cold socks.  Yuck!!

2015-09-05 09.43.34

Here’s a fun fact – Alan (and myself sometimes) takes over the counter anti-diarrhea medicine for races, well, just so there are no surprises during the race.  This morning he mistakenly took sleep aid pills, because the boxes looked the same!!  I’m thinking he’s going to be ready for a nap any time now…

Congrats to Alan on his 3rd place age group finish.  The medals were pretty cool – they are actually carved out of wood!  However, they are not very sturdy and I expect most of them to be crushed by gear bags on the way home.  🙁

2015-09-05 12.05.57

Take a look at my relaxing, boring running week….

  • Sat – Rest
  • Sun – 4 miles
  • Mon – 3 miles
  • Tues – Rest
  • Weds – 7 miles, dress rehearsal (what the heck AM I going to wear?  No clue yet)
  • Thurs – 3 miles
  • Fri – Rest
  • Sat – Rest
  • Sun – RACE DAY!!!  Big fat marathon day!!!  Go long!  PR!  BQ!  Hey, I don’t ask for much.  Except for some low temps, and NO RAIN!!


Q:  Have you ever received a “different” race medal?

At a 50K we also received a wooden finishers medal.  It was a slice from a tree, which was fitting since it was a trail race and it looked like a mile marker.

Q: Do you enjoy waking up early on the weekend, or sleeping in?

Even if I’m not running, I like to get up by 7am.  It feels like a productive time for me!  But not 5am, thank you.

Q:  Do you like thunder or lightning better?  

My son asked me this.  Interesting – I like to see the lightning, but he likes to hear the thunder!


6 thoughts on “Super volunteers and rainy race day”
  1. I am always up early on the weekend…… and every day for that matter! Never sleep passed 5am…. but I go to be early.

    I prefer thunder….. too scared of lightening! As a nurse, I have tended to people struck by lightening…. hence, i have developed a fear ….. :-/

    1. Oh wow, being struck by lightning! I hadn’t thought of that.
      I’m guessing you have a pretty early wakeup time for that 5am wakeup! That was one of the reasons I was so excited to get DVR in our house – now I never have to miss anything when I go to bed early!

      1. Oh yes, DVR is great! I really only watch Dancing with the Stars when it is on TV, but always DVR it! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to watch. I go to bed early and get up early in the morning….. My husband is the opposite! Such a night owl

    1. He ran the half. He did great, considering he wasn’t even racing it. He was just using it as a well supported run for training. The pill mixup was pretty funny! He’s not a morning person, so I’m not surprised he didn’t notice because he avoids turning on the lights in the morning (while I’m a “full blast” lights kinda gal!).

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