This week I got a package in the mail… it was two items from ProCompression!  I actually won them from a giveaway over at Another Mother Runner.   If you’re not familiar with them, you should check them out.  I love their podcasts and they are motivational.  One of my favorite sayings is “I’m a great believer in luck.  I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”  I find that to be so true in life, and in running.  You get out of it what you put into it.  So when I’m the “lucky” winner, it’s because I enter a million contests in hope of getting lucky!  I enter giveaways for running gear, glasses, clothes, and so on.  In this case, I hit the jackpot with compression socks AND sleeves!

2015-09-08 22.27.25

I picked out a “girly, but yet tough” pair for me.  I figured that color combo would match just about everything I own!  I’ve never actually worn compression socks, but I’m ready to give them a try.  But here’s the even better part… I got the sleeves for Alan.  You might remember that at the end of the 100 miler trail race we had to cut the compression sleeves off his legs.  Yep, we had to sacrifice those babies because there was no way there were coming off without a group of toenails with them.

2015-06-21 06.28.39

It was great timing that the ProCompression swag showed up this weekend.  They just happened to end up in the birthday loot for Alan yesterday.

2015-09-10 08.17.01

I know what you’re thinking – lame.  But I promise you, I really did have a good birthday present for him.  I got him the headlamp he’s been drooling over.  Realized he needed a brighter model after spending many hours in the woods on his trail race.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize the headlamp was shipping from the Netherlands!!  And apparently you can’t just order that four days before his birthday and have it arrive 🙁  And honestly, what do you get a retired guy who has everything he needs?? (haha!)

So instead, the consolation prize was to go out for a morning run with me on his birthday.  That is a whole lot of birthday happiness going on!  It was a sweatfest – but the company was excellent.

2015-09-09 08.23.25

Happy birthday Alan!!  Not another year older, but another year better!!!  😉


Q:  Do you consider yourself a good “gift giver”?

I think I used to be.  But, after almost 23 years of marriage, I’ve been running out of ideas!

Q:  Do you wear compression socks?

I’m afraid they are going to be very warm.  Some people swear by them, so I’m going to give them a try! Let me know your thoughts on the topic….



3 thoughts on “Winner! and the birthday joy”
    1. I’m glad we agree that my gift was pretty great! I did put the socks on and thought putting them on was harder than running the actual race. I will be packing them for after the race though, and hope Alan will put them on me (yet ANOTHER job required of my pacer). ha!

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