Today was my last long run before the Columbus half.  I had envisioned it as some awesome run with me busting out some confidence boosting pace miles.  Uh huh, you know how those plans go!  I ran with my husband since he is also tapering for Columbus marathon.  He took me to the trails he usually runs with his Saturday morning group.

2015-10-09 08.31.08

It’s the beautiful park of Wildwood.  There are a ton of trails in the woods.  I haven’t run out there in a long time.  He runs before 7am, which is also pitch dark for most of the year – so they wear headlamps.  It’s a bit dark even on an overcast day!

2015-10-09 09.32.44

2015-10-09 09.33.16

The park is seriously beautiful and these deer forced me to stop and take their picture.

2015-10-09 09.46.47
Can you find all four of the deer?

As did this deer who didn’t seem frightened at all by us.

2015-10-09 09.08.19

Oh, and there was also an awesome covered bridge…

2015-10-09 08.39.05

And all sorts of beautiful landscape!

2015-10-09 09.39.10

So combining the hills, and the 100% humidity, I was exhausted from our run by about mile 1.5.  Only 8.5 miles to go!!  It didn’t help that I felt like I had to keep up a good pace for my husband, who was running quite slow by his standards.  After I while I just gave up on this being any spectacular run, and just enjoyed the great company, my day off, and the beautiful surroundings.  All in all, it was a good run.

2015-10-09 10.29.02

This week I have also been deeply engrossed with Strava.  Are you on Strava?  I’ve been on it for probably a year now, but I never paid a whole lot of attention to it.  But this week I set up a Strava club for a local running group I am involved in on Facebook and it’s been a lot of fun seeing other people’s runs!  It’s interesting to see where they run, in hopes of finding new places for me to try out.  But by far the most interesting thing on Strava is the “flybys”.  You will see a map of your running route, and it will also show you any other Strava members that were in the area at the same time.  That is mind blowing!!  The flybys are especially interesting at a race.  Here is a map of me running Boston.  I’m the red circle in the middle.


As you can see, I did not win the Boston Marathon that year.  Maybe next time  haha!


Q: Do you use any websites to track your running or biking?

Garmin Connect, and Strava  

Q: Do you prefer running on trails or streets/bike paths?

I feel slow as a slug on trails, but it was nice and soft on my feet and as I mentioned: beautiful!

Q: Got any weekend plans?

6 thoughts on “Last long run before Columbus… and Strava”
  1. Wow I am in love with the scenery from that park!

    I used to plug my Garmin to Garmin connect but didn’t share it with others. I use my Garmin on my runs but haven’t plugged it in in probably 2 years! I forget my password at this point…

    1. It’s always amazing how incredible metroparks are when they surrounded by city streets. It’s a whole other world in there. I do feel lucky to have quite a few great parks nearby with a great trail system running through them.

  2. Wow! That trail looked awesome! What great pics too!!! I would love that!! I do tend to like trails, however, I am so clumsy that I am extra careful which means extra slow because I am always worried about twisting my ankle on a stick or something! I tend to like to run on roads.
    I haven’t heard of the Strava… very interesting! Not sure many in this area know about it…. may check it out!
    P.S. I just checked my email the other day and saw an email from you from like ages ago… so sorry, this planning a road race has been time consuming! UGH!

    1. Strava is fun – but kinda like getting on Facebook… it gets to be a time sucker now and then! I also like how it gives me awards for my runs 🙂 If you get on Strava, let me know and we can follow each other!

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