For all of you that are new here, welcome to my blog!   You’ve come on the right day, because it’s Giveaway Friday!!  (or FriYAY as I like to call it: my day off, kids last day before Thanksgiving break… well, you get the picture.  It’s just great all around!! )


Believe it or not, now is the time to start thinking about your race calendar in 2016!  As an Ambassador for the Glass City Marathon, I’m happy to report that I get to give two of you a free race entry to the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, Owens Corning Half Marathon, or the Medical Mutual Glass City 5K on April 24th, 2016.

Entering is very easy… just visit/follow the Glass City Marathon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and let me know below.  You’ll get an extra entry if you Follow me on Facebook.  Don’t forget to leave me a comment for one more extra entry!
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So let me know, if you won, which race would you run for free?

Have you run Glass City before, or would this be your first time?

88 thoughts on “Glass City Marathon giveaway”
  1. I want to run the half marathon! I have never been to Toledo and this would be an awesome excuse to visit another Ohio City! I’m in Cleveland so I’m not that far either. I love camaraderie of marathons and this happens to be my significant other’s birthday so there’s no better way to justify eating cake and ice-cream that weekend than with a half!

    1. I’ve run the Cleveland marathon… unfortunately it was a hot mess for me!! I think it was 90 degrees that day. Cake, ice cream, beer, burgers – all great choices post race!

  2. I’d like an entry to the full marathon this year, please!! I’ve followed on Twitter & Facebook, entered both through Facebook and e-mail. I do not use Instagram….anything I am missing?!

  3. I would love to run the 1/2!!! I have run GC the last three years as part of a relay team, but would love to run the 1/2….then maybe one day the full. I’m fairly new to running & just completed Churchills taking 17 minutes off my 1st 1/2 time (I’ve only done 3).

  4. I would love to win entry to the half marathon and use it for my husband so we can run together. I am already registered, but he is just getting into running and wants to do it with me. It would be such a great gift!

  5. This will be my first race in quite some time so, I’d love to win the 5k entry to get me going again and, hopefully, do the half the year after!

  6. I would love to win an entry to the half marathon! I PRed there this year, but would love to try and beat that time next year!!

  7. I’d love to try to do the half marathon! I completed my first 5k this fall, after losing 80 pounds…that was my first goal, now I’d like to make a half my next goal!

  8. I love the Glass City Half! Ran 3 here in our hometown. However, I’m taking a break from long distance running so running a 5k would be awesome!

  9. I would choose the Full Marathon entry. I ran my first Full Marathon at Glass City in 2015 and I plan to run the Full GCM again in 2016.

    1. Yep, I had a stress fracture too! That is a great goal to have. I think I came back stronger after I healed up (well, once I was able to run farther than a mile without huffing and puffing!!).

      1. Awesome! I dropped to the half for Houston because running a full in January would be too soon. I was told I’d be able to run a marathon q1 of 2016. I figure first month of q2 would be best 🙂

  10. The full marathon of course. What better way to help celebrate the 40th? And, a great place to try and BQ for the 1st time.

  11. I would LOVE to win entry for the half. This will be half #2 for me and I want to blow my first time out of the water. 🙂

  12. I’d run the half! That is my distance of choice next spring — I’m already running two of them — and it would be a great warmup run for the Indy Mini Marathon!

  13. Great blog! I loved reading some
    Of your posts and I would love a chance to run the glass city marathon as a salute to graduating nursing school at Toledo 2016 🙂 keep up the awesome blog posts!

  14. I’m all in for the full! I graduated from UT in ’99 & am looking forward to running through campus and the neighborhoods & parks I did (what feels like) forever ago.

    1. I’m a ’91 & ’95 alumni! Went by campus last weekend and was a little sad when I saw the old bars had been torn down. And yes, it seems like forever ago for me too!! (because it was. haha!)

  15. I would love to run glass city! I’ve heard such great things about it. My husband is from Toledo so I end up doing a lot of Toledo area races. I would run the half marathon if I won.

  16. If I lived closer, I would so enter!!!! How exciting to be able to give away a race entry!!!!
    I know you will BQ that marathon…… I just know it!!! As always, I will be rooting for your from South Georgia!!!!!! WOOT! WOOT!

  17. This would be my first Glass City race and second marathon (first was this past fall at Marine Corps)! Thanks so much for doing this:)

  18. I’ve been sick for the past week, but I’m so glad that I remember to stop by and enter the contest! I think if I won I would choose either the 5k or the half. My focus for the spring is going to be 5ks (trying to break 20:00), but I LOVED the half and might not be able to pass up running it again.
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