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This message from my fortune cookie really spoke to me.  At the time, I thought it had all of the wisdom in the world.  Flash back to 3 weeks ago when a conversation with my husband got me thinking more about running the Elyria Trail Marathon on Nov. 8th.  I’ve just come off of a successful training cycle which I BQ’d, but NOT BQ’d good enough to make Boston 2016.  The dream is still there.  And wanting to run the Boston marathon on a good day, which wasn’t raining.  I am still pretty ticked that I got cut for 2016 because my time wasn’t quite good enough.  So, what about running another marathon while I still have a good base from my last training cycle?  I used the Columbus half marathon to be a guideline, wondering if my foot would hold me back or continue to have any issues, and it didn’t.  AND I got a new PR!  That, coupled with this enlightening fortune cookie message, my plan started to come clear.  Inland Trail is a very small race with a super flat course, within driving distance… sounds perfect.

To quote one of my favorite songs:

I know I’ve never been the smartest or the wisest, but I realize what it takes.

It takes only 3 seconds less per mile in the marathon to have a really solid BQ which should hopefully get me into 2017.  Why not go for it?  And so I planned out my training to replicate the last few weeks of my normal training cycle.  I did my 18 mile long run.  Oh god, it was painful.  For days.  I did some more scheduled runs, and dusted off the PT exercises.  My Piriformis Syndrome had reared it’s ugly head again.  (reared.  get it??)  For those of you who aren’t familiar with PS, it’s a pain in the butt.  Literally.  For me, it gets to the point where it feels like someone is tightening a screw on my glute muscles deep inside.  Uncomfortable to say the least.  But I have seen the Dr. about it in the past and I have a full set of exercises and stretches that I need to do to help it out.

The next week I ran 12 miles for a long run.  My PS was getting a bit better, but still there.  And then finally this week, I had to make the decision that running another marathon right now is just not the best choice. Waa waa. I know getting the time I want (a PR too!) would require some great running conditions, and to be fit.  If you’ve never run a marathon before, the tough part is that so many things can happen over that 26.2 miles.  You could be having the best day ever for the first 24 miles, and end up walking the last 2, throwing off your whole race.

I figured there was a 50/50 chance that I could have the great race day I wanted, but I also knew there was a really good possibility I would run well for the first 18 miles and just suck it up for the last 8 miles.  I ran this course in the past, once again as a way to get a BQ after running the Columbus full marathon 5 weeks earlier, and ended up walking most of the last half of the race and finishing 30 mins later than expected.  UGH.  I did not want a repeat of that.

Well, here’s to making good decisions and keeping the bigger picture in mind!  Another chance will come.

Here’s some funnies to finish with…  first of all Pinterest really gets me!

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Inner thigh exercises maybe, but I don’t think scones is a word I have ever used!!

And this is the conversation I had with my husband the other day when he was laying in bed, when he should have been outside running, enjoying this beautiful weather we are having!

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What can I say, I’m the early bird in this house!

Speaking of early birds, lock in your plans to run the in Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, Owens Corning Half Marathon, or the Medical Mutual Glass City 5K by winning a free bib from Sarah, the ambassador with the giveaway this week.  She should have her contest going on this weekend!


Q:  If given the choice, would you be an early bird or late sleeper at your house?

Q:  Are you in the middle of a training cycle right now, or just resting up for the new year ?

Q:  Do you like scones?  They are good, yes?

Q:  Have you ever had a race that didn’t turn out as planned and you were a lot longer than your anticipated goal time?

5 thoughts on “Making good decisions”
  1. I am an early bird for sure!!! Love to get up before the sun comes up!!! Now, I still need my sleep though and go to bed early!!!

    My first half was much longer than anticipated and mostly because of my NIKE app (which I don’t use except to log in my miles),,,,,, some how it got way off!!! I was pacing myself accordingly and thinking I was farther than I actually was. My app said I was 12.5miles and I knew there was no way! So the next mile marker I made myself look at and I was at mile 9!!!! Say what?!?! I was so mad! Hot! and tired! UGH….. but I made it and ditch the NIKE app! LOL

      1. you aren’t kidding!!! Talk about a run getting mental?!? LOL! I keep replaying LL COOL J “Mama said knock you out!” over and over to get me to the finish line!!! Bwahahahahahaha!

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