Hope you all had a great Christmas, for those who celebrate it 🙂  Our house went from this… (try to ignore the large spaces in the bottom half of the Christmas tree where the kitten has been resting, and terrorizing all of the tree ornaments – which have all been relocated to the top half of the tree!!)


…to this….


Based on the amount of mess, and smiles on my kids faces, it was a great holiday again!  One thing that my daughter bought for herself right before Christmas was a Fitbit.  It was cute, she was determined to get a good deal off Ebay on one, and didn’t want it as a Christmas gift.  Sure enough, after weeks of bidding on different auctions, she snagged a good deal.  We weren’t sure what she would really use one for because she never wears a watch or jewelry, but much to our surprise she has been quite motivated by it so far and has worn it non-stop.  She even asked me last night – “Mom, are you going running tomorrow?  How far??”  So we made plans to run 5 miles together so she could get LOTS of steps in.

I woke up early and went to the gym to lift a few weights.  The gym was pretty dead at 7:15am on a Monday.  Go figure!

2015-12-28 07.39.05
GCM – Glass City Marathon representing! (btw, did I ever mention I won that as a 2nd place age group award for the marathon in 2014? It’s a pretty awesome hat.)
2015-12-28 07.28.27
Wow, such big muscles from 12.5 pound weights. haha!

Then a quick trip to the grocery store.  Once again, no one there.  I could totally get used to shopping in the predawn hours!

2015-12-28 07.45.38

When I got home I was surprised to find out that she still wanted to go running despite the high winds, sleet (or maybe ice pellets?), and Winter Weather advisory!  I would have certainly have taken one look out the window and went straight to my treadmill for this run, but given that we had a date, we got out gear on and headed outside!

2015-12-28 09.08.28
Ready to brave the elements, and get in some steps!

We went to a nearby park so we could try to be shielded from the wind and precipitation.  That kind of worked, when we went in one direction.  The other direction was not so great so we ended up circling back in forth in a half mile section of the woods!  I was wearing my new Garmin Forerunner 235 watch (Christmas present from Alan!!  THANK YOU!) and it was hooked up to my phone in my pocket, so I saw a text come across from Sydney’s friend.  I didn’t think I would like/use the connectivity feature of this watch, but I was thrilled to find it useful on my first time using it!  She got invited to the trampoline park.  Score!  That cut our run a mile short to get her back in time, but it was fun to see my daughter so motivated to get those steps in.  She didn’t complain once.

2015-12-28 09.32.21
Taken in the only 30 seconds that it wasn’t sleeting!
2015-12-28 09.32.08
We saw a huge Red Hawk at the park!

By the end of my 5 miles today I reached a highest yearly mileage of 1,800 miles for 2015!  That was pretty darn awesome, and the fact that my hip was only a minor annoyance today made it even better.


Q:  What was a favorite Christmas gift that you received?

Mine – the new Garmin!  Sydney – a ViewMaster VR viewer (very cool!)  Zachary – a huge Nerf gun

Q: Running in the elements?  Does it stop you and you run on the treadmill, or do you conquer it all?

Q: Did you have a good running year?  Top mileage year for anyone else?  Please share!

10 thoughts on “Bonding with my Fitbit buddy, and a first!”
    1. Garmin technology is so cool. I love to look at all of the data. And it makes me run faster! (ok, not really, but somewhere along the line I’m sure it helps).
      Thanks – the reindeer on the mantle was a new item this year. I usually don’t buy new decorations, so I was thrilled to find him!

  1. What an awesome fit bit buddy! There were some ice pellets during part of my run today but they didn’t last long. Although we have our first winter weather advisory of the year! How exciting! Winter is officially here. 🙂

    Your house looks beautiful! I love the aerial shot. You have a grown up house. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a grown up house!

    My favorite present… probably all of my puzzles. 🙂

    Your muscle be poppin’!!!!

    1. Oh yeah, massive muscles 🙂
      We are pretty “keep it forever” here at my house. I’m not good in terms of decorating, so we pretty much keep what we’ve always had, not a family that will just redecorate every so often. But I don’t mind!

  2. Hello Lisa! You have such a nice daughter. My Sister is also like her and doesn’t take care of her health. So after reading your blog I will also gift her fitbit so that she can keep herself fit and healthy.

    1. It has been a surprisingly great encouragement for her to keep moving. Now that school is back in session it’s challenging to get those steps in – but she’s doing it!

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