Girls On The Run… is an awesome organization.  My daughter participated in two seasons of GOTR at her school in 5th grade.  It was a great learning experience for her, both physically and socially.  I had the honor of helping the girls run their practice 5K at school, and now almost 2 years later, my daughter helped out the 3rd and 5th grade girls as a volunteer herself as a member of the cross country team.  Great building blocks.

So it was no surprise that Sydney wanted to run the GOTR 5K that happened a few weeks ago.  We didn’t sign up ahead of time, so we had to do race day registration.  That’s practically unheard of in my house (ouch, “day of” race fees!)  We had an eye on the weather, and even though it had rained the night before, the rain stopped just prior to race sign up time, and Sydney said it was a “go”.  Kids 12 and under were untimed, so we even had to enter her as a 13 year old so she’d get a timed bib.  GAME ON!

You know how I’ve mentioned that Sydney was killing it in her last two 5Ks?  (Neighborhood 5K and Holiday Hustle).  Well…. this recap outlines how NOT to kill it.  To begin with, it was COLD on race day.  We’re talking in the 30’s.  Not terrible, but not capris weather.  I discussed this with Sydney, but at the time she didn’t have any longer pants, so that’s why she wore the capris.

2015-11-21 08.44.02 HDR

We discussed that we were both going to race it.  If I kept up with her, it would be a PR for me, and potentially a PR for her too, or at least and age group win.  Woohoo!  We gathered at the start and enjoyed the warmth of the other runners!

2015-11-21 09.00.54

As soon as the race started we sprinted ahead, trying to get away from the crowd.  Outside of people racing, the large majority of the runners are GOTR participants (kids) with a running buddy (parent), so it was a little crowded at the start.  The pace was great at first (7:40) but within the first half mile trouble happened.

“My legs hurt!!!”

What?  Sydney’s legs hurt?  She explained that the exposed skin REALLY hurt!  Oh.  Well great.  I explained there wasn’t anything we could do about that and we just needed to keep going.  The faster we get done, the quicker it will be over!

By mile one, those leg issues also turned into frozen hands, and some sort of stomach issue.  I urged her to put on a big smile because we were passing the crowds and a camera man was there.  I thought that might turn the race around… but no.  Mile one pace: 8:36

By mile 1.5, I was now accompanying my daughter around the course – walking, due to that stomach pain, and bawling.  Not sure at first if the tears were pain, disappointment, or frustration – but given some of my races, I’m sure it was a mix of all of them.  Each time we tried to start running again, the pain was back.  I gave her the chance to just leave the race at that point, but she choose to continue.  Mile two pace: 13:05

I kept looking at my watch and thinking maybe, just maybe, we could pick up the pace a little and get in by 30 mins.  Still, no go on the stomach pain and we watched many, many little girls and their parents pass us by.  Mile three pace: 12:28

Nearing the end I was just thinking “I could have stayed in bed and saved $60!!”.  Ok, a bit harsh, but so true!!  The end was now in sight.  You know what that means…. Sydney miraculously finds some strength and sprints through the finish chute and leaves me in the dust. (the joke is on her though because we got the same chip time finish!!  Bwahaha!)  Mile .1 pace: 8:24  

To recap = race plans were to finish in 24:30, and we finished in 35:09.  Just a little off target I’d say!  🙂  To make matters worse, we had never planned on the race going this way, so we didn’t have a plan to meet up with my husband and son after the race in case we got lost!!  They had no clue what was going on and we missed them at the finish line.  I spent 45 mins walking around the mall where the race was trying to find them while Sydney warmed up in the book store.  UGH.

So there you have it.  You just NEVER know what’s going to happen on race day!  No matter what the distance.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a 5K go so bad, but hey, it happens!  In the end, we got a good laugh out of the race, and the money went to a great cause.  And that’s what matters 🙂

2015-11-21 14.25.49-1
Nice t-shirts too!


Q:  Ever have a shorter distance race go bad?

Q:  Ever have a problem finding someone after a race?

Sadly this has happened more than once this year.  A terribly frustrating (and unnecessary) thing!!

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