Before I tell you about my training, I have to remind you that the rates go up for the Glass City Marathon on January 1st, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you better get on it!  I actually finally did sign up myself this past weekend.  If you’re anything like me, you were just holding off until you figured out what size shirt you wanted, but then figured it all out (no joke, that was me).

My training plan for the Glass City marathon officially starts this week.  18 weeks from now I’ll be a lean, mean, racing machine!!  (well, hopefully)  Luckily for me my week actually started out with a rest day!   I consider that to be the teaser gift they give you to entice you to continue the training plan because it starts out so easy!! 🙂


It was actually a good thing that I had a rest day right away because I’ve been plagued with some weird sort of hip soreness on my left side for the past week.  It is most noticeable when I get up from sitting down and take the first step, which stretches my hip muscle as I step away.  It is a dull soreness that feels like it’s super tight.  I stand up and then stretch it out for a few seconds and it’s pretty much kinda OK as long as I’m walking around.  I do feel it when I twist my body too.

In fact I even bailed on a 5K race I was going to run Saturday.  Figured it wasn’t a good idea to stress it out, so I stuck to the treadmill and did a slow run instead.  Afterwards I stood around and stretched it out really good.  Here’s a very technical drawing of where my hip hurts when I stretch it out…

2015-12-19 08.08.08

Odd, because I don’t remember anything happening that would cause that issue!!  Hopefully it will just slowly go away on it’s own because I can’t get in to see the Dr until January 5th.  He’s a busy man right now.  Apparently he wants to have the holidays off, and everyone wants to use their insurance benefits.  Go figure.

Here’s the rest of my training week:

  • Tues: 4 recovery miles (these say “recovery miles” because I moved all of the days around in my training plan.  They would originally be following a long run day, but they will work equally well as I want to take it easy now!)
  • Weds: 8 miles speedwork (4 miles at half marathon pace)
  • Thurs: Rest!
  • Fri:  Long run day!  Open presents and run 12 miles!  well, it might not get done on Friday, but it will get done some day this week.
  • Sat: Rest!
  • Sun: General Aerobic (GA) 9 miles – this will just be done at an easy pace.
  • Mon: Recovery 5 miles

I think this looks doable for just getting back into training.  I’m planning on just taking it all easy to see how my hip reacts to it.  Hopefully it won’t get any worse because I have given it several days to recovery and it would be a shame to go backwards in this hip issue.

On an unrelated note, here is what happens around my house when you try to hide and wrap Christmas presents…

2015-12-20 09.20.08


Q:  Any idea on what my hip issue might be?  Maybe just “old lady” hip and I need to stretch it out more??

Q:  Are you in training for any races right now?

Q:  Do you have all of your Christmas presents wrapped yet??

12 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon edition”
  1. Hehehe love that little paw under the door 😉 Cecil is a “sturdy boy” as my mom puts it and just busts through doors when he wants in lol.

    That’s so exciting that marathon training begins this week! Whooop! Best time of year!

    1. It was quite funny – I thought it was one of my kids that had gotten out of bed and we were discovered!! Hilarious to see that little paw poking around instead 🙂
      I can tell you are from the South when you say the winter is the best time of the year for training! haha!!

  2. Oh yes, everyone is trying to get into the doctor’s office due to deductibles being met…seriously, they think we are miracle workers at this time of year… “yes, i would like to be referred to ______ for ______ and I need an appt by the end of the year……” UGH!!! Then they get made at us because the specialist doesn’t have an apt until after the first of the year….. our office has been hopping this week…. and it is only Tuesday 😀

    The hip thing is a bit weird…. perhaps just tightness? Is the stretching helping?

    Wrapping christmas present….HA! I have to first buy them in order to wrap them…. going this afternoon….. this year, I just can’t get it together!!! LOL!! My christmas tree only has lights and candy canes on it!!!! My 6 year old doesn’t seem to mind though!!! Heck, stocking aren’t even up!!! 😀

    1. Great news – tried my Dr’s office again today, “just in case”, and sure enough I got an appt for tomorrow! It is becoming quite worrisome for me. I don’t like “odd pains”!!
      Half of our tree is decorated – because the cat keeps destroying the bottom half. Oh my. I’m sure Santa will find a way to whip it all together at your house! He always does 🙂

      1. YAY on the scoring a DR appt tomorrow…… yes, you need to be seen and evaluated ASAP!!! Make sure he knows you have just started marathon training….. he has to work some magic!!!!!! Keep us posted!

        Yes, I am thinking Santa is on my side and things will come together…. goodness I went to one store today and almost lost my mind!!!!

  3. That is the cutest pic of your kitty! I am reading a lot of blogs lately and it seems like everyone’s training plan starts off with a rest day! 🙂 I hope your hip thing goes away soon! I had a weird hip thing for like 5 months. It didn’t hinder me from everything and then one day it magically disappeared. So weird.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…12 Days of Exercises- part 2!My Profile

    1. Unfortunately I’m thinking if this hip pain continues, it will take me down for a bit. Maybe my Dr will have some great insight for me!! I mean, beyond “it’s old lady hip”. haha!

  4. I also need to start training for he Glass City. I am very curious about a full marathon training plan, so I may attempt one and see If I have the stamina and determination to so it.

    1. That’s a good way to start! If you get too burned out, can’t keep up with it, life happens, you can still drop down to the half. I think you will be surprised that beginner plans really ease you into it safely.

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