I hope you all had a safe New Year’s Eve!  We stayed home and enjoyed some family traditions like movie watching, video game playing, and eating lots of snacks, drinks and other goodies!  We watched the Minions again.  Love that movie, it’s so funny!

2016-01-01 10.49.47-1

I was going to tell you about some running goals I had for 2016, and maybe some resolutions, but something happened today and I have to apologize in advance that I am just going to rant instead!  So let me give you the back story… as you know, I’m into the first few weeks of my marathon training for the Glass City Marathon.  I had that hip issue, and was excited that with some smart thinking, and some restrain, my hip issue was starting to be a faint memory.  Sure, it was still a little tight here and there, but nothing that bothered me when I ran, or got up from a chair (like it had in the past).

2015-12-28 20.35.18

I was able to get all of my runs in that were on my training plan.  I did a little shuffling of my workouts and had a 10 mile run planned for today (Jan 1st).  Our family was also going to run a 5K, the Hangover Classic, which was conveniently located 1 mile from our house (which means we can’t miss it!!).  I was going to run 7 miles with a friend before the race, but unfortunately she was not feeling good so I was on my own.  Surprisingly, I actually opted to run OUTSIDE in the slightly gusty, cold weather instead of hitting my treadmill.  Yeah me!!

I was pretty proud of myself for getting out there, and my pace was pretty decent at 8:47 overall.  I was just running “comfortably”, so not too shabby!  Within an hour of getting home from my run, the family headed over to the race start.  My husband was racing it, but I was just going to take it easy and run with my kids.  Well, run with my son because my daughter took off at the start.

2016-01-01 11.45.50
Yes, she’s wearing my hat. What a great fit! LOL

My son and I were happily cruising along on the race course.  I thought this was a perfect run because I knew I wasn’t going to be running fast.  I had decided a few weeks ago that I wasn’t going to do any speedwork until my hip is all better.  We even took a couple walk breaks.  No problem!  When we reached the end, the clock ticked down from 27:58 and my son picked up the pace to a sprint.  Getting caught up in the moment, I went into sprint mode too!  Guess what?  At my last step on the finish line, my hip muscle had a SHARP pain!  Just like the pain that had stopped me in my tracks last week when I tried to do speedwork.  OMG, %$###^**^&@!!!  I was just not thinking.  And then the tears came.  I kid you not, I knew that was a stupid thing to do and I pretty much just set my recovery back a week or so.  There was NO reason at all for me to be racing this thing.  stupid.  stupid.  stupid!

2016-01-01 12.49.21

So there you have it.  I messed up, and wasn’t thinking.  Back to icing my hip and limping around for no good reason.  Alan did great, and got 1st masters male – and 2nd overall!  Other than that, there were no age group awards, but my daughter and son were both happy with their times.

2016-01-01 12.49.56

Hopefully I will get back on track super soon with a bit of rehab (icing, rest, etc).


Q:  Did you go out for New Year’s Eve or stay home?

Q: Have you seen any good movies lately?

We saw Star Wars this week.  It was awesome!!!!  

Q: Anyone else trying to get healthy from any running injuries? 

10 thoughts on “2016 starts with a bang”
  1. Congrats Alan!!!

    I am sorry your hip flipped out during your sprint. 🙁 Cut yourself some slack though, we have ALL pushed it when we knew we shouldn’t. I was just reviewing some workouts from last winter and when I had a tight hip (TFL too we are twins!!) I took two weeks off from running, then when I came back I felt SO GOOD that my first run back I pretty much did a progression run with my last mile or two in the low 7s. Needless to say I HURT AFTER THAT. I tell you this story to not only make you laugh but so you know we all do things we know we shouldn’t and we just have to learn the next time!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Aren’t I supposed to have some goals? (Happy New Year!!!)My Profile

    1. Thanks, that does help 🙂 I felt this bad a week ago, so with a few days off, and a few more days (weeks!) of easy workouts, hopefully it will fade again. And then I’ll try to restrain myself! haha

    1. I just saw on your blog that you are getting married in 2016! That is awesome. Forget about everything else, enjoy that!! 🙂 Well, the room organization is also a biggie for me – I could totally use that in my house, so keep up with that goal too 🙂

  2. So sorry about the hip!!! That just plain stinks!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!! Definitely, take it easy!!!!! Hope it heals soon!!!!

    We opted to stay home for New years. I did run a 5k at 9pm, but then it was in for the rest of the night…… we shot off fireworks and watched the Ryan Seacrist New years (not sure if I spelled his name right)

    Take care…. the hip will get better!!! You area rock star!!! You will be back stronger than ever!!!!!

    1. The run they had in our town was at 11:45pm. We have not participated in it yet… not sure if we ever will! Right now I think I like ringing in the new year from my warm, dry house with Ryan too 🙂

  3. Oh no, really sorry to hear your hip flared up right there at the end. The good news is a marathon training cycle is long and it’s probably better to get this worked out at the beginning and then gain your confidence towards the end than the other way around! 🙂

    Happy New Year! Adam and I stayed in too. We went to the gym and then lounged on the couch all night!
    Kristina recently posted…NYC, Day 4My Profile

    1. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the new year. It’s so great to have a spouse that works out with you!
      You are right about the training cycle. It’s still a long way to go.

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