Today is the final day of fun around my house, according to my daughter.  It’s back to school tomorrow, and she’s dreading it.  My son is excited to get back to school to see his friends, but I know all of us will have a hard time getting up early Monday morning and back into the routine.   I haven’t been to work since Christmas Eve, which seems like ages ago – especially since it still looks like Christmas around our house, and it will for another week.

We’re too busy having fun to take down Christmas decorations!  Since I messed up my hip on Friday, it was a good thing I had a rest day scheduled for Saturday.  I did some weights instead.  Don’t be jealous of my workout room!

2016-01-02 09.27.05
Photo credit: my husband. He is always *so* excited to take blog pictures for me. haha!!

2016-01-02 09.26.49

And stretched out that tight, sore hip.

2016-01-02 09.27.22

BTW, I had to share what our weekly “workout clothes” laundry day looks like at our house.  A lovely rainbow of gear!  Our rack gets really full!!

2016-01-01 15.51.54

In the afternoon, we went bowling.  Not just any bowling – Glow Bowling!!!  It was a lot of fun!

2016-01-02 15.17.19

Especially good because the kids had bumpers up automatically during their turns.  *No bummed out kids*

2016-01-02 16.06.39

After that we checked off the final thing of our “Christmas Break to-do” list… dinner at McDonalds!  My daughter insisted that we get pancakes at McDonalds, so that’s what we had.  They were good, although after we all finished eating those we needed to go back for something else on the dollar menu because we just weren’t filled up!

2016-01-02 17.31.01

This afternoon I thought it would be time to try running again, to see how my hip felt.  I ran 8 miles on the treadmill without issues.  I started very slow, around 10:30 and made it a progressive run ending at 8:30.  I’ve figured out that the slow runs are really not a problem, so I need to focus on keeping my pace slower.  Spikes in speed are not my friend!  I wore my new Garmin to give me some heart rate stats.  It’s very interesting!

2016-01-03 14.01.43

The kids spent most of the afternoon building a TicTac dispenser.  After realizing that the TicTac’s actually cost more than a penny, Sydney created a tip jar too, to make up for the difference.  Smart kid 🙂

2016-01-03 14.26.02


Q:  Were there any Lego sets under your Christmas tree this year?

My son got a couple Star War sets.

Q:  Do you enjoy a “breakfast for dinner” night?

Q: How’s your bowling skills – pro bowler, or relying on the bumpers??

I almost got a 100.  Hardly a pro, but I was pretty excited to get a few spares and strikes!

7 thoughts on “Final days of fun”
  1. Ha, love the picture of the workout clothes, I’m tying this with mine drying beside me.. You must be dreading tomorrow, but it sounds like you had a great break. I only got the three main days off and then had to work weekends to make up for it, so I have booked a week’s holiday from next Friday. I can’t wait! And I am jealous of your workout room lol … Happy New Year!
    James @ HalfMarathonJames recently posted…35 Running Goals For 2016My Profile

  2. Ok, guilty pleasure….. I LOVE MC DONALD’S PANCAKES!!! Can’t say I care for any other Mc Donald foods, but their pancakes rock!!! And, I tend to load them down with their syrup!!! YUM!!!! You have made me crave them NOW!! LOL!!!!

    I am so bad about my work out clothes… I seriously throw them in the washer and straight to the dryer…. I know, I know…. not suppose to, but honestly, my little country house if too small for any where to hang them!

    Genius on the tipping note!!! LOVE IT!

    As for Christmas decorations, mine were so easy to take down…. only because I never got them fully up!! HA!

    That glow bowling looks super fun!!! Wish we had something like that here! My son would love it!!!

    Glad your hip seems to be improving…… hopefully the healing continues!!! 🙂

    1. Glow bowling was a lot of fun. So different because it was so loud and distracting. I’m not that great at bowling so I didn’t miss the silence! I love that the bumper come up automatically, and only for designated people. Genius!

    1. You totally did leave a comment! And it was very nice! I just switched hosting companies and at least two of the comments came in after they had moved my site 🙁
      Thanks for commenting again!! I’m glad the kids still enjoy hanging out with us!

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