We have been watching Master Chef Junior lately, and it’s been a great inspiration, and an eye opener, to our kids.  Typically myself and Alan are the ones cooking the meals.  Sometimes it’s just easier that way, instead of enlisting help from our kids.  The kids are usually happy to help us out unless they are doing homework, or playing video games 😉  But given the opportunity to cook a meal on their own, they are always willing!  I like to see what things they pick out of a recipe book.  I know kids usually just have to “eat what I’m cooking”, so it’s interesting to see what they really like to eat when they are in charge of it all.

The menu my daughter picked out consisted of angel hair pasta and shrimp.  Yum, great choice!

2016-01-24 17.12.07

For dessert the kids made brownies.

2016-01-24 17.11.50

That awkward moment when you’ve been caught sampling the dessert!!

2016-01-24 17.11.52

The fabulous dish was served… and it was awesome!

2016-01-24 17.26.37

2016-01-24 17.26.20

I thought it was great that the kids made this for us.  I thoroughly enjoyed being pampered by them 🙂  But the super best part – they cleaned up the entire kitchen when they were done!!  They washed everything and put it away.  Not a bowl was left out.  Kudos to you kids!!

2016-01-24 18.05.10

So, kids + cooking… great idea!


Q:  Did you ever cook when you were a kid?

I sure didn’t.  I had to learn it all when I moved out of my parents house.

Q:  Do you like cooking, or baking better?

Cooking!!  I kinda suck at baking.  I have a limited range of things I can make.

Q:  Parents, do your kids cook for you?


One thought on “Kids cook night”
  1. This is so sweet! And a good learning experience for them. I am sure they appreciated all the meals you’ve made them before this, but I bet they appreciate it even more now!

    I do enjoy cooking and baking, even though I don’t do it much. I stick to very simple recipes- like casseroles! I like creating my own casseroles and just throwing stuff together that I think will taste good. 🙂

    Most of my baking comes from a box, except for a couple things. I make REALLY good pumpkin cookies from scratch. Also, I make a jam coffee cake that my mom always made for us around Christmas time when I was growing up. When I eat jam coffee cake a la my mom, I am INSTANTLY transported back to my childhood! Omg I think I need to make it today.
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