Friday was my long run day.  I had been watching the weather and it looked really iffy.  It changed back and forth from rain to freezing rain.  But when I got up Friday morning and walked to the bus stop at 7am, it looked really nice out.  Not too cold (34ish I think), and calm as calm can be (I hate wind!!).  So by 8am I decided I was going to hit the trail for my 14 mile long run.

I was looking forward to my long run outside because my iPod Shuffle was loaded with a bunch of new podcasts… my go-to for long runs.  As soon as I hooked it up, it played 3 seconds of a song and turned off.  Wha???  I didn’t know if it was broken, or just not charged.  Luckily I plugged it into my car and that jump started it so it would play again.  But it was on music, and I was afraid to touch it again, so I went with that.

The weather at the trail was nice, and since the forecast said there was a 90% chance of rain around 10 or 11 am, I figured the trees would shelter me if that actually happened.  I had to stop early on to take this picture because it was really quite beautiful along the river.  Can you see the white birds flying along the water?  There were a ton of them!

2016-01-08 08.30.41

By the time I had got to 2.5 miles I passed a park shelter.  I noticed there were spots on the concrete.  What, it’s raining?  I didn’t feel it, but clearly there had been some precipitation recently.  I traveled into the woods farther and started to feel the rain coming down.  I was staring up at the sky when I heard a noise by my side.  In a quick glance I saw it was a deer running away!  Oh man, I almost missed a deer because I was staring at the sky in disbelief?  That’s a first.

2016-01-08 10.42.27

The run was going OK, but I was losing steam.  I was trying to make it an easy run, but i was really starting to struggle.  At mile 6 I took a GU in hopes of some energy.  I also decided to switch over to a podcast, and was happy that worked.

By mile 8 my energy had left.  I gotta say, at this point the run, I was struggling big time.  If there was a shuttle bus to return tired runners from out there, I would have hopped right on.  But no luck, I still had 6 miles to run back to my car.  Ugh.  And, after my first podcast stopped playing, my iPod turned off again.  With a bit more fiddling I got it to work.

By mile 10 I was down to a run run run walk strategy.  I really didn’t want to, but my brain had convinced the rest of my body that it was necessary, so that’s what happened 🙁  My hip was only slightly bothering me, but I just felt like I didn’t have any endurance to keep going.  The trail was also getting a bit muddy now and I had to avoid puddles so I didn’t slip in the mud.  I stepped in a few of them and had wet feet.  I don’t know how I made it through Boston 2015.  It was so rainy and cold!!

2016-01-08 10.40.44

Things I have learned on this run: put more faith in the weather forecast, and my new running top is not water repellent in any manner.  In fact, I think it acted more like a sponge, and I was pretty darn cold by the time I finished.  My gloves were soaked too.

2016-01-08 10.52.49
The top was warm, but not good for rain!

Run done!!  In review of it, the overall pace was not bad for a long easy run, but the execution of it was horrible.

2016-01-08 10.40.19

Today’s splits:  best mile 8:59, avg 9:35, slowest mile: 10:20 (and that wasn’t a cool down, I was just exhausted!!)

I’m hoping this run will be the worst of this training cycle so there is no where left to go but up!! 🙂  And what’s up with my hair?  It looked like a squirrel on the back of my head.

2016-01-08 11.01.13

You’ve got to have those bad runs to make you appreciate all of the good ones.  Hopefully next week will be better!


Q:  Do you have a jacket that works well in the rain/wet snow?  Do share – I need one!

Q:  Had any bad runs lately?  Do you think there was a specific reason it was?

Q:  Do you listen to podcasts on long runs?

6 thoughts on “Long run day, not fun day”
  1. Should have run on the towpath with me a day earlier, was awesome weather! But it will make your next run seem better, can’t get much worse.

  2. Thank you for chronicling your training for the Glass City Marathon. It’s nice to know there’s another mom running in bad weather, wishing for a better wet weather running jacket, & ending up with a wicked ponytail at the end of the long run. I’ll try to share your optimism as well as I head out tomorrow in the rain & wind.

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