13 weeks to go!  Yep, less than 90 days.  13 weeks sounds better, right?  Let’s go with that.  It has been enjoyable writing these Training Tuesday posts because they are a good recap for me, but also allow me to plan my week and get everything scheduled!   You can find my other weekly GCM updates here.

Last week’s mileage wasn’t a high as originally planned due to missing a 5 mile recovery run on Thursday.  I ran 43 miles, most yet this cycle.  Even though I missed a day, at the end of the week I was feeling happy about my progress, although exhausted!  Which leads into week 13 very well – cut back week!   Woohoo!!!!!

With the miles on my training plan this week, I feel like I’m on vacation.  But the kind of vacation that I follow the plan and just take it easy 🙂

  • Mon – 5 miles, slow recovery run.  So slow.  I was sore!
  • Tues –  Rest!  ahhhhh  Went to the gym and biked.
  • Weds – 8 miles, Gym weights
  • Thurs – 4 miles
  • Fri – 12 miles (barely a long run!  ok, not even a long run)  Oh, and I’m running with a new friend!
  • Sat – Rest!
  • Sun – 8 miles speedwork, with 10 x 100 meter strides.
  • Total = 37 miles

I’m happy to report that I have been keeping up with going to the gym twice a week.  I’m even trying to have a better purpose when I go to the gym.  I can easily just go through the circuit of equipment, but I thought it would be better to try to focus on strength training for runners instead.  I’ve printed off some workouts and I’m actually carrying a notebook to the gym now.  Woot!  I’m starting to look legit!

2016-01-25 12.21.54

I’m also making sure that on my rest day (Tuesday), I stick to cross training and not doing weights to give my muscles a bit of a break.  And I’m getting lots of reading done while riding bikes!

2016-01-26 12.43.32

I think my Star Wars cereal summed it up this morning when Yoda told me “Do. Or do not.  There is no try.”  Thanks Yoda, I needed that inspiration!!

2016-01-26 07.51.33


Q:  Are you a fan of “kids” cereal?

I do love Special K, but I hate to miss out on fun stuff with marshmallows!

Q:  Working out at the gym, or doing weights – do you have a plan you follow, or just wing it?

Q:  Do you prefer bike or elliptical, if both were available at the gym?

Bike, so I can read… but I do get sore sitting on that seat.  TMI!!

14 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon 13 weeks, 1/26/16”
  1. Tech chick! I miss you!! Lots of stalking of your life to do, please don’t judge if I start commenting on posts from ages ago ha.
    I just recently watched the Star Wars movies for the first time (am on the fifth atm!) and I am OBSESSED with yoda! He is such a yogi! What a quote 🙂
    Not too log till the marathon but still a lot of time to get lots of great running done, exciting! So you do work out on your rest day? The most I tend to do on my rest day is veeeery gentle yoga. I just feel too tired otherwise!
    I am a huge fan of all cereal in general and definitely love me some Special K (didn’t know that was for kids though? Maybe they market it differently here). Have a great day Lisa! 😘

    1. Yeah! Good to hear from you again! I see you’ve been off on adventures of your own. Exciting!
      So glad you got in on the Star Wars movies. Now you see the Princess Leia resemblance in that outfit months ago?? 🙂
      Tuesday is my rest day, and the day a gym visit fits best in my schedule, so I’m making the most of it and cross training. I really didn’t do much cross training in the past, so I’m hoping anything I can add to my plan will only help me to excel at the marathon. Well, that’s the hope! But my biking is pretty lazy actually, so nothing intense.
      You are right – Special K is more the “healthy adult stuff”, which I love, and I eat because I think it’s healthy… but I also fully encourage anything with chocolate, marshmallows, or “frosted”. I love them all!

  2. Star Wars cereal?!? Just showed my son and he said, “That’s cool!!” Thinking, I may be picking a box of that up the next time at the grocery store! LOL!

    For some reason, unless I am jumping on a treadmill, I get intimidated at the gym equipment. Not sure why…. maybe that I will not be using proper form or looking wimpy! LOL! 😀

    Race day will be here soon! So exciting!!!!!! You got this!!!!! You are going to ROCK IT!

    1. That’s what my husband said too – “Star Wars cereal is on sale!!” and then he put 4 boxes in the cart!
      I totally get your thoughts about the gym equipment. My big goal for February is to use a weight lifting bar! Lofty goals, eh? I use the hand weights, and am afraid to use the bar because I don’t know how much to lift. So yep, I’m there with you!!

  3. Ah, that looks like the kind of reading I like to do on the stationary bike too! 😀 I am totally the same, I prefer the bike but I get sore too. I usually split up my time and do 1/2 bike and 1/2 elliptical.

    Are Honey Nut Cheerios kids cereal? I loooooooooove honey nut cheerios!!
    Kristina Running recently posted…Miami Half Marathon 2016 RecapMy Profile

    1. Maybe it’s like weight lifting, the more you ride the bikes the less sore your butt gets?? Well, that’s my hope anyway. The pain is real!
      Oh yum, I love Honey Nut Cheerios too!!

    1. Sometimes, I just follow your workouts 🙂 I’m glad you post them!!
      I can bike for an easy ride, but if I do a really long ride (outside) or try a spin class, I have an issue with my knee. You’d think biking is good on my knees, but it bothers it for some reason. On the elliptical, my feet tend to feel like they are falling asleep. Man, I have issues!! haha

  4. You might know that I LOVE going to the gym to lift, hehe, so I have a general set of exercises I do for each body area. I rotate which body areas I group together. During marathon training, I am not lifting any legs/glutes. They are both getting a huge workout running 7 days as week as it is.

    HUGE fan of kid cereal. In my house I always have: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Captain Crunch/Crunch Berries. Right now I have a lot of Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch and I did just buy some frosted mini wheats to round it all out.
    Amanda @ There Are Two Sides recently posted…Monday’s MotivationMy Profile

    1. 7 days of running makes me tired just thinking about it… I need my two rest days! And, you totally rock the weights Amanda. I could learn a lot from you!!

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