For my runs this weekend I actually had two “run dates” set up.  My long run was only 12 miles and I agreed to run with a person I had not met yet.  She is part of our “She RUNS this town” group and we have similar paces.  Or at least so I hoped!  She told me her long run pace was around 9:00 min miles, which sounded a little fast for me (since my marathon goal pace is 8:46), so I was a tad nervous that she would run me into the ground, but I figured we’d see how it goes.  She is also training for Glass City Marathon full.  She’s one of the entry winners from our Glass City Marathon Ambassador give away!

We met a little later than I normally run, so I got to run errands before we met.  I got some more training fuel… Yeah, new flavors!

2016-01-29 13.44.12-1

I even got carded at the grocery store!  Too funny!!

2016-01-29 08.39.14

I’m really glad I made plans to run with her!  We ended up running 8:55 overall for our pace – although my Garmin said 9:12 overall because we had to walk through some ice patches on our route and her Garmin was set for auto pause… so I get credit for her faster time since we were together 🙂  The miles flew by, and I was happy with my effort/pace.  I felt challenged, but I needed that.

I thought it was going to rain on Sunday, so I moved my run to Saturday morning and met up with another running friend.  That was really nice too because she also challenges me!  I haven’t seen her for awhile so we chatted the whole time.  Well, not the whole time because for the last two miles we did .1 strides.  I was panting and wheezing away and I swear she barely broke a sweat “keeping up with me” for the fast sprints.  It was a good exhausted feeling afterwards.  Wish I had worn a shirt with a zipper though, because I was very hot at the end!

2016-01-30 09.03.25

I’m feeling a bit stronger with my training now.  Those outdoor runs gave me renewed confidence that I can keep working at it, and hopefully getting a little better each week.  Trust the training!

We also got outside to enjoy the 50 degree temperatures (in January??).  This may or may not have involved a little photo trickery…

2016-01-30 17.10.12

Hope you had a great weekend!


Q:  Do you have any Sunday night routines, getting ready for the week ahead?

Sunday is always our trip to Sam’s for huge bags of salads to last us for the week.

Q: Got any new flavors of GU/gel?

I’m looking forward to trying out my chocolate/coffee based flavors!

Q: Have you run with any friends lately?

7 thoughts on “Weekend update”
  1. Just LOVE when I get carded!!! So funny! Always cracks me up!!! Will be sad that day I don’t! LOL! 😀

    Such an Awesome run with a new friend! I too run with people that challenge me and it has helped a great deal!!!! Definitely better running with a partner! Times flies and isn’t it amazing that you can find so much to talk about while running! 🙂

    I have to switch up routines, otherwise, boredom sets in!

  2. My Sunday routine always involves prepping breakfasts and lunches for the week. If I miss it on Sunday it ends up throwing my whole week off.

    You must have been dying on Saturday in that turtleneck! I can’t believe it was up to 50 degrees. I went with a light long sleeve shirt and found myself wishing I had gone for a t-shirt.
    Heather @ShoesRun50 recently posted…Transition Week and February GoalsMy Profile

  3. That sounds like a great sweatylicious run! Very impressive!
    I usually work Sunday night so that’s my not so fun routine haha. Curtis and I have made a routine of having pancakes on Sunday morning though! 😍
    I LOVE getting carded when Curtis doesn’t get asked because he is always teasing me about my being a little older than him- at least I look younger is all I can say! Being carded proves it! 😂
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with that craving a beastie run feelingMy Profile

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