After last Fall, I had resigned myself to not dwell on the fact that I got cut from running the Boston Marathon in 2016.  I don’t want to beat a dead horse, and just look at the numbers: 4,562 other runners were the in same boat as me.  Worked their asses off to qualify, registered, and then were told they just didn’t run fast enough.  First world problem, right?  True, but it’s my world.

Immediately after hearing the disappointing news I started on a hunt to see who needed a runner.  Sponsors?  Free giveaways for bibs?  I found nothing.  I didn’t need the stress of fund raising a ton of money to be a charity runner, and even then I would have to apply and be accepted to be a charity runner, so that was it. I get it, they need to limit the field, safety concerns with too many runners, etc etc etc…  get over it.  Enough pity party for me.  So I moved on.  Or so I thought!


Twice now I’ve had situations that made my heart leap out of my chest in anticipation that I might actually get a second chance at running Boston this year.


First, one of my favorite websites, Another Mother Runner, was in search of a mother who had BQ’d but didn’t make the cut.  They needed that person immediately for a sponsor.  Say what?  They were looking for me!  me!  me!  ME!  I was sure of it.  I’m training for a marathon.  I have a trip to Boston arranged.  It would be perfect.  I emailed them right away, but after a brief conversation with them I was told the sponsor was looking for a first time Boston runner.  Dang it!    So much for that dream.

That was a few weeks ago.  Then today, I see an email in my inbox titled “Boston Magazine offers a second chance for qualifiers to run Boston this April”.  Say what???  Qualifiers?  That’s more than one.  Immediately I envision an email with a big link on it that says “click here to sign up for Boston, we’re letting everyone run!!”.  Sadly the email did not say that.  Turns out they are looking for two people to run based on how close they were to the cutoff.  I know for sure I am no where near what other people were (1, 2, or 3 seconds away from that cut off time!), so of course I applied.  What the heck, maybe only 50 people are going to reply to that email and I’m hoping they are all slower than me 🙂  Unlikely, but who knows!

Well, that’s all I have for today.   Ran 12 miles this morning before work.  Enjoyed the predawn sweat.  Hope your day is going great!


Q:  What’s your Wednesday workout?

Q: Got any promising emails lately?

I also just found out that a large sum of money is waiting for me in England!  I’m emailing them right away about that one too.

Q: Oatmeal preference: steel cut oats, old fashioned rolled oats, or flavored instant?

I have been enjoying steel cut oats, with some brown sugar and Craisins.  My husband likes old fashioned rolled oats with butter, which I can just not get into!!

10 thoughts on “One more chance?”
  1. I certainly feel your pain. I got my first and only BQ at Erie in 2013. Because of the date, it qualified me for 2014 AND 2015. The celebratory mood quickly faded when I realized 45 seconds was probably not going to be enough in 2014 — the year after the bombing when interest was sky-high. I was right. Went back as a volunteer but it was painful watching my friends wearing their jackets and medals on the plane home. I vowed to better my BQ time for 2015, but, life got in the way. Injuries plagued me the whole year and I wasn’t able to even RUN a single marathon; much less attempt another BQ. Hoping against hope, I held my breath for the 2015 cut. Missed it by 17 seconds. 17 seconds. If I had just run 17 lousy fracking seconds faster! One of the guys on the RW Boston thread had offered me a chance to run for charity in 2014, but my pride made me turn him down. In 2015, I humbly accepted his offer and ran for the AMAA. It wasn’t the way I wanted to run Boston, but, because I had a BQ time, I was ceded in the field as if I was a qualified runner. In retrospect, I am glad I was able to swallow my pride and just run. Running the Boston Marathon is definitely a Top 5 event in my life and that medal is going with me to the grave.

    1. I’m glad you ran too!! I took a look at the charities and figured I would get turned down again because they really wanted people with a record of fund raising, or a promise to raise more than the minimum. I felt that number was just too high for me. Even if you did run as a charity runner, you were qualified – you did the work! Such a bummer they can’t just have enough room for everyone.

      1. If you decide to go the charity route for a future Boston, the AMAA is always looking for runners. They were still looking for runners as late as December and they only ask for the minimum fundraising amount. They provide the doctors and EMTs for the medical tents. Each year, they hold a convention in Boston on marathon weekend and they get bibs for their services.

  2. First world problems, sure. But aren’t 90% of our problems first world problems? It doesn’t get over the fact that it SUCKS to work so hard for something and not make it. You had every right to be in a funk, throw a pity party and then move on. But then that email!! Ugh. 🙁 Sorry. I hate when I think I am over something but then something happens to sort of reopen the wound a bit. From reading about everyone’s situations, I have determined that there’s BQ’ing, and then there’s actually BQ’ing by enough to actually run the race. I guess you can’t just run the qualifying time anymore! What is your opinion on what you think they should do? Tighten the standards or make people go through all this hell every year??
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…ANOTHER RACE!My Profile

    1. I think they will need to tighten the standards, again. Luckily the year they tightened them recently I moved to a new age group! 🙂 Wonder if it would be any better if a “A” time got you into the race guaranteed, and the “B” qualifying time put you into a lottery if there were excess people. It just stinks to have to cut anyone really. But hey, that’s what makes Boston such a great race right – you gotta make that time!! It gives us all a higher standard to strive for.

    1. Sadly, it’s the longest shot in the world, but why not try! But I’ll be hoping for you – good luck with the new job potential! That’s super exciting!!

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