11 more weeks to go until the Glass City Marathon!!!  Here’s what’s up in my training…

I had a good week last week, totaling around 40 miles.  That’s all kind of vague because I haven’t had time to log my runs yet!  (ps, I use RunningAhead.com  It’s great!!)  It was a good week because I had a great long run, and that made me feel successful in my training thus far.  Last week I also ran 12 miles mid week on Weds, and some other stuff in between.  It’s all just a blur right now because I’m still tired from that ski trip we got home from late Sunday night!!  LOL

February will be filled with more challenging workouts for me, including my first 20 miler of the training cycle.  I don’t know about you, but those make me a bit nervous.  I want it to be good weather, want to be wearing the right outfit, eating the right foods, and just having a worry free day when I get up to 20 miles!  And most important, I have to have the right running route figured out because there is nothing worse than getting back to my house/car and finding that I added up something wrong and still have 2 more miles to run!  The mind is just ready to be done at that point and it’s tough to get the body and mind to cooperate 🙂

Here’s what’s on tap for this week:

  • Mon – 7 miles * recovery + 6 x 100m strides [DONE!]
  • Tues  Gym + fun run.  Mardi Gras!! Meeting some friends for a Patzki run!  Not sure the distance, I think a 5K, but a fun get together followed by some food & drinks.  Yes please!
  • Weds– 12 miles, medium long run + gym
  • Thurs– 5 miles recovery
  • Fri– 20 miles!  (and I mean !!!!!!)
  • Sat  Rest!! (and Olympic Trails watching!)
  • Sun– 10 miles, LT run w/6 miles at 15K to half marathon pace
  • Total = 54 miles + random miles

Seems like a lot of random stuff going on this week!  Well, not random, but I’ll need to make sure I read my training plan each day.  Sometimes I think I know what is going on, and finish my run and realize I wasn’t even close to what I was supposed to be doing!  We all have those days, right??

Click this link to see any Training Tuesdays you may have missed.

Here’s a random pic off my phone today, just because I’m feeling pretty random!  Last week we went to hear Steve Wozniak (from Apple, HP) at the University of Toledo.  Can you see him??  He’s sitting on stage under that conveniently placed pink arrow!  He was an interesting speaker.  Not sure the kids agreed, but we got to share lots of old computer stories with the kids about “back in the day”!

2016-02-01 19.48.12


Q:  What workouts challenge (or worry!) you the most?  Speed?  Distance?

Q:  Are you giving up anything for Lent?

Q:  Have you been to hear any interesting speakers lately?

4 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon 11 weeks, 2-9-2016”
    1. Pfitzinger 55/18 (55 mile max, 18 weeks). A lot of miles those three days, but not speed work so only the long run endurance should be the tough one. Or so they say 🙂

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