What?  9 more weeks until the Glass City Marathon?  Dang, single digits now!  I know, that probably still sounds like it’s far away, but for me, not so much!  Click this link to see any Training Tuesdays you may have missed.


Last week of training was mostly good.  I ran 48.3 miles.  I had really sore glutes, and I’m not sure if it’s just from the running, or the combo of running long and heavy strength training.  So this week I’m going to back off on the strength training a bit because I just don’t feel like it’s helping me right now!  I have been foam rolling and stretching like it’s my job though.

running checklist

Recap of last week….

Wednesday I ran 14 miles in the morning, followed by some lower body weights at the gym.  Next day… sore.  Ran 6 recovery miles and it felt good after I got a mile into it.  Sitting around at my desk at work all day… not so good.

Friday was a pace run for me and it was super windy.  It was a challenge to hit my paces going into the wind.  After turning around the wind was at my back and I still didn’t quite get my race paces, but it felt easier!  I averaged around 8:50 for my faster paces – not quite the 8:45 I was hoping for, but overall I’m giving that run a “success” rating.

2016-02-19 10.41.36
February is so… warm!

Saturday was a rest day and oh man, I was super sore in the glutes.  I was bummed because it was a beautiful day (60 degrees!!) and I couldn’t run.  Couldn’t run if I had to, due to soreness!  When Sunday rolled around, I was super giddy to get out and run, until I realized that the temperatures had dropped and it was back to 32 degrees again.  Oh well, at least I got to run with some music and a good podcast.  Glutes will still sore, but maybe only 50% of what it had been.  I kinda failed in the “run the recovery run by heart rate” on this run outside.  It was much harder for me to control vs being on my treadmill.


This week’s schedule:

I’m glad I write these posts because I just realized I will be missing a planned 20 mile run due to vacation next week.  Well, running takes no vacation so I’m bumping that long run up to this week.  Just kidding – my running WILL be taking a vacation, and I will be running just for fun, if I feel like it, during my vacation.  But I think I need to fit in that 20 miler so…

  • Mon – 8 miles, VO2 max run w/ 5 miles of 800m repeats.  DONE.  That was actually a disappointing run because I could not hit the interval paces I ran in my last training cycle.  They were far too fast for me 🙁  boo on that.
  • Tues – Rest day!  Easy biking at the gym.
  • Wed – 8 miles with strides?  12 mile medium long run?  Ok, I am not sure what to run.  I will figure this one out later.  Gym day.  Take it really easy on weights and squats!
  • Thurs – plan says 5 miles recovery, but I might just skip this all together since I am running longer on Friday than planned (20 vs 14).
  • Fri – 20 miles!
  • Sat – Rest!  Hope I can still walk without pain.  haha!!
  • Sun – 8 miles
  • Total miles = 44? 49? 53? 61??  Time will tell.


Q:  Do you follow your training plan when you are on vacation?

Q:  Least favorite?: wind, rain, snow, icy temps?

Q:  Do you have any hot spots (tight, sore) that won’t seem to go away?


6 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon 9 weeks 2/23/16”
  1. Skiing will be great cross training! I wouldn’t be worried about missing any runs while you are vacationing. Enjoy your trip!

    My in laws own a cabin in northern MI so we are up there all the time in the summer. For those “vacations” I stick with my training plan. For an actual vacation where I leave the state and don’t go there 2-3 times a month? Break from training. If running fits into the trip, that is awesome. If not, better to enjoy my vacation and not be stressed out.

    I’m so glad I’m just running the 5k at Glass City. 9 weeks is so much time for training for a short race, but hardly anything for a marathon! It is really just 6 weeks of training left before you start to taper!
    Heather @ShoesRun50 recently posted…February Check In + March GoalsMy Profile

    1. A cabin up north sounds awesome!! I love going camping up there in the summer. And of course, skiing up there in the winter!
      You’re right – only 6 weeks of hard training left… gulp. So much room for improvement!

  2. Appears that you are having bi-polar weather like we are down here in South Georgia!!!! Seriously, spring one day and winter the next!

    My favorite temps to run are high 30s/low 40s….. a bit chilly, but it doesn’t take me long to warm up! 🙂

    I would be so scared to run in snow though….. so, if I were to go on vacation where it snows, I probably would fall off my running schedule…. that is unless there is an inside treadmill. Even on vacation, I have to run! 😀

    1. I’ve only worn my “snow running” shoes once this season, but I’ll be taking them along. They are just a trail version of my regular Newtons. Anyhow, it will be weird since it’s been so dry this winter here. I think the temps will be warmer than we are used at the ski resort, but hey, a vacation is always great regardless!!

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