Would you like to track a runner at the Glass City Marathon on April 24th?

Tracking for the Glass City Marathon will be via the RaceJoy app.  It’s available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play.  You can download it here.  For runners, it provides Checkpoint Tracking and Live GPS Tracking.  The runner can choice which option they would like.  You can check out all of the features it offers here.


I tracked runners last year and it was a lot of fun listening to my phone going off with “cheers” each time one of my tracked runners hit a checkpoint!  You can learn more about the app here.

The app also gives you important race information such as the expo hours, bib pickup info, street closures (for spectators), race course maps, and more!  After you finish the race, you can check out your finish time and cheer on your friends.


Q:  Do you run races with your phone?

You will need to carry your phone for the Live GPS Tracking, but not for Checkpoint Tracking.  Since my tights and capris now have large side pockets, I have been carrying my phone with me for my training runs, but I have never run with a phone at a race yet.


3 thoughts on “Glass City Marathon – Runner tracking”
  1. I always, always run with my phone. I use MapMyRun to track my runs (I don’t have a Garmin or anything) and I need it for my music and podcasts. 🙂

    1. I need to find a good solution for carrying it in the summer. My old arm band rubbed against my side and I have a big scar from the wound. It wasn’t pretty!

  2. I rarely run with my phone, occasionally I’ll stick it in my handheld water bottle. For long ultra training runs, I’ll toss it in my hydration pack, along with GU and a cheeseburger for fueling.

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