I was going to tell you about Boston today, but then realized the countdown is on for Glass City!!

2016-04-21 09.13.03

Yikes, 3 more days?  These past 18 weeks have just flown by, haven’t they?

It’s time for those last minute details, which include, but are not limited to…

  • Race day outfit!  Comfort.  Fashion.  It needs to be both!
  • Fueling for race day.  Do I have my breakfast food, and what about GUs for the race?
  • Transportation plans.  Check.  Catching a ride with friends to the start.
  • Throw away clothes.  I think I have some in my closet.  Will also be wearing arm warmers (socks!).  Doing a gear check/bag drop?  Not sure yet.  I think trying to figure out the right temperature of clothes to be comfortable in is a bit stressful!
  • Playlist.  Still need to make sure I’ve got my favorite songs loaded on the iPod to keep me moving through those 26.2 miles.
  • Speaking of which… time goals.  Make sure my goal time is calculated based on a distance of 26.4 miles, not 26.2 because courses rarely end up that distance.
  • Pace band?  Nope, going to write my goals on my arm!  Easier to read.  Sharpie is ready.
  • Body Glide.  Make sure to set this out so I don’t forget!
  • ID.  Make sure I have my drivers license for when they card me at the post-race beer tent.  HAHAHAHAHA.  Totally joking.
  • Self tanning.  Check.  Going to have a golden glow in just a few days.  Or at least an odd orange stained look.
  • Race day support.  Where will my family be cheering me on??  Still need to nail down these details so I don’t miss them.
  • Nasal strip.  Traveling has given me a little sniffle (actually, my kids gave me the sniffles, but let’s not place blame…) so I might need this to help me breath freely!
  • Imodium.  Don’t forget this either!  Never had an issue, never want to.
  • Post race pain meds.  Yes, the pain is real.  I’ll need these for sure 🙂

Well, that’s what’s spinning around my head this morning.  All of those little details are a lot to think about.  I’m sure I’m missing something.   Above all I need to remember my training, and keep positive thoughts.

One of my favorite signs from the Boston weekend was this:

“Wicked hard.. but you got this”

Words to live by 🙂


Q:  Did I miss anything?  What details do you check before a big race?

Q:  Do you use a different distance (different from the race length) when calculating a race time goal?

Q: Have you ever made a bad mistake when selecting a race outfit?  Too hot/too cold?

4 thoughts on “Glass City Marathon – the countdown is on!”
  1. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so cheering you on from South Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I think you thought of everything!!!! Man, I so wish I would have thought about the spray tan thing!!!!! I was ghostly white for my marathon !!!!!!’

    YOU GOT THIS!!!! You so inspire me to get faster!!!!! I don’t think I will ever BQ…… only way can get to Boston is to buy my way in through charity!!!! But, I feel you can so BQ!!!!!!

    YOU ROCK!!!! Just know that!!!!

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