Hi everyone!!  Thanks again for all of the kind words on my post race post.  Also, thanks to everyone who contributed to my Girls on the Run charity fundraiser. I raised $320!

I’ve spent the last week doing the following:

  • Sun – Tues = Sulking, and hanging my head in defeat for a few days.  Post race blues are real, and I was pretty bummed out.  Swore off marathon running for the millionth time.
  • Weds= Most soreness gone.  Still feeling blah.
  • Thurs =Came out of my self pity haze and was proud of my accomplishment!  I was back to my “perky” self again 🙂  Evaluated my race, came up with some ideas for improvement, and discussed my next race!  Ran 2.5 miles.  Woohoo.  But, still a little sore.
  • Fri = I got a massage!!

I know what you’re thinking….


But it was really….


Holy crap.  I have a pretty low tolerance when it comes to massage pain.  I wince when Alan tries to give me a shoulder rub.   But he scored a Groupon deal for two Deep Tissue massages, so one was for me.  He used his prior to Boston, and I saved mine for after Glass City.

I mentioned to my masseuse that I have been struggling with deep glute pain.  She got into it by using her elbow to work out my piriformis muscle area.  Yeeeeeoooowww!  I was squirming and sweating, literally, as she worked through each area and I think the glute area was far more painful during this massage than running the marathon!  Let’s just say if it would have been appropriate to scream, I would have.  But I didn’t want to seem like a wimp, so I just clenched my teeth and endured.

I did have a slight headache that night, but the next day I was feeling fine.  I only had time to run one mile the next day, but I think it improved the situation.  I think I will try adding some deep tissue massage into my routine, with a ball, instead of just foam rolling.

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to see a Dr or PT for the glute stuff.  I believe either visit will result in PT exercises, and I have a bunch of those already.  Focus will be doing them every day faithfully, and adding in the ball rolling.

Q: How about you, do you treat yourself to a regular massage, or consider it part of your training plan?

I don’t get them regularly.  I think this is my 3rd massage ever.

Q: Ever had deep tissue massage?  Are you a fan of it?

Time will tell, but if it’s a means to an end, I will endure it!



4 thoughts on “What’s up lately, and Oh the pain!”
  1. I am glad you spent the time wallowing and now have bounced back with a plan for improvement. YOU WILL NOT BE DETERRED.

    I do not like massages except… butt massages. If Paul rubs my butt it feels so good. But shoulders and stuff like that- no. I never had a “real” massage that I paid for.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekly Workout Recap!My Profile

    1. I did have a “Mom’s treat” massage once. I remember it being quite relaxing. Ahhh Not at all like deep tissue!! I’m just so glad the race blues are over. They suck!

  2. I have a great MT who I see at least once a month. She will bring tears to your eyes when she finds a knot and that spot will be sore the next day, but she keeps little problems from becoming big problems. I use a lacrosse ball to dig into my glutes. Watch Kelly Starrett on YouTube for some good ideas on foam rolling and trigger points.

    1. I will have to check out those videos. Thanks for the tip. It is painful to roll on a ball, but I guess that’s the point! That’s great to go regularly to the MT. I’m sure that really helps!

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