Sorry I’ve been MIA!  It was a super busy week with 3 track meets, soccer, and life all mixed together!  I am also knee deep in preparing for a garage sale, which takes up a lot of time, and floor space, to get everything organized.  Whew!

I told my family that I wanted to just hang out guilt free and read magazines on Mother’s Day while they did the housework, washed my car, and cooked meals.  Besides a healthy, happy family, what more could a mother ask for??

My day started out with breakfast in bed.  French toast and strawberries!  My daughter found the recipe, and it was sooooo delicious.

2016-05-08 08.53.52-2

Alan hung up some laundry for me…

2016-05-08 13.40.56

… while I hung out with drying toenail polish and wrote this post!

2016-05-08 09.42.43

Visited my Mom… and showed her how to use a selfie stick!

2016-05-08 11.32.49-1

My Dad clearly was really impressed.

2016-05-08 11.38.32

I also planted some flowers with the kids – they were hand selected by my kids as my Mother’s Day gift.

2016-05-08 17.14.58-2

Attended a soccer game.  Go Zachary!!


Did some light reading while Zachary wasn’t playing…

2016-05-08 14.23.55

Had a delicious dessert made by Sydney.  Chocolate chip cookie brownies.  Yum!!  * Sorry, no pictures of this one.  The brownie layer on the bottom was overly gooey and didn’t look good at all.  BUT, it was good, which is all that matters 🙂  And enjoyed some fettuccine Alfredo.  Fact: my husband doesn’t like it (thinks it’s too fatty), so this was my special meal request!

All in all, it was a great day.  So glad my family made it relaxing for me!  Tomorrow, back to the daily grind.  haha!


Q:  Did you do anything special for Mother’s Day?

Q:  Do you like brownies more towards the gooey side, or well baked?

Q:  What toenail color are you sporting right now?  

Black… but now covered with pink!

Q:  Alfredo sauce – yeah or nah?

9 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day everyone!”
  1. Happy Mother’s Day! Your day sounds lovely. 🙂 I took my mom and SIL out for breakfast and then spent the day cleaning. I should have cleaned for my mom! The pic of your hus hanging the laundry cracks me up!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekend Wrap Up!My Profile

    1. I was actually reading your blog the very second this comment came across! I’m looking for a recap about your successful race 🙂 🙂

  2. Sounds like a GREAT Mother’s Day!!!!!

    Love your dad’s expression in the selfie stick photo!!!!!!! Too funny!

    Love brownies chewy… Not “cake” like if you know what I mean!!!

    I am not sporting any toenail polish… That is the one thing that I never seem to find time for…. But flip flop season is here and I might need to get my toenails painted!!!!

    Oh, and I never hang up laundry! I know… Bad! Bad! Bad! All my running stiff hits the dryer! :-/

    1. It goes in the dryer?? Oh the horror!! I’ve never put mine in the dryer. I’m such a snob 🙂 That drying rack was a lifesaver, especially now that my daughter is getting a larger collection of running clothes!

      1. i really need to invest in one of those racks….. but, I have to say, my stuff is holding up 🙂
        My other runner friends can’t believe I dry stuff…. they are always telling me, “no, no, NO! Don’t do that!” LOL 😀
        I am such a rebel!!!! LOL! Or perhaps just lazy

        1. $20 at Menards! Do you have Menards near you? It’s a home improvement store, like Home Depot. You’re probably using fabric softener too, you rebel!!

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