Here I am, almost week 1 done of my new Hansons training plan, and I’m super tired already!!  Say what?  Honestly, I don’t think it’s due to the workouts, but it has been a busy busy week around my house.   Garage sale time!!

2016-05-11 19.59.28

If you have never had a garage sale, here’s what’s involved in having a successful sale…

  1. Organizing your “treasures”.   This part actually happens all year for our family.  We have one spot in the basement where I put things that I want to sell.  Mostly toys, furniture and clothes my kids have outgrown.  This is actually the “easy” part because for the most part I don’t have to go searching through the house to find stuff to sell.
  2. Price the “treasures”.  This is always the hard part.  Even though I go to a lot of garage sales, I draw a blank when it comes to pricing my own stuff.  “how much would I pay for a pillow?”  “how much for this toy??”.  The clothes are easy.  I just go with $1 and item, unless I mark it differently.  Higher priced items are coats, name brand stuff, boots, etc.
  3. Get a bunch of tables, from my office, and set up the garage.  This part takes a while too.  Luckily Alan is always willing to do the heavy lifting and hauling, it still takes time.  When you set up a garage sale you want to make all of the “treasures” look as attractive as possible.  We lay out the clothes in stacks so you can browse through them.  Don’t just toss them in a box for people to dig through!
  4. Sit around in your garage for hours upon end and have people to haggle over a dollar.  Ugh. Enough said.  I do get it though.  I’m the same way at a sale… it all comes down to how much stuff you can buy with that $1!  Every year my friend brings her items for sale to our house so I do get to have a nice multi-day hang out with my BFF, so that’s a big bonus 🙂

In the past we used to have A LOT of stuff to sell.  Baby stuff.  Furniture.  Appliances.  In the good years, our garage sale would have sales of $1,000 for the weekend!  But this year, it was barely even half that.  I didn’t have much to sell, and either did my friend.

For some reason, hanging out at the garage sale also leaves me exhausted!!  I think it’s less exhausting to go for a super long run than it is to run the garage sale!

2016-05-14 14.16.23
At the end of the sale. Some gaps, but still, stuff to donate!!


The other reason I am tired this week is my new training plan.  In addition to the exercises from the PT, which take about 5 minutes to do, I also have new warm up exercises to do before I run.  And, don’t forget the longer stretching after my runs too!  I just haven’t figure out how much extra time I need to budget for the total of those “extras” and I’ve found myself running late to get to work most days this past week.  Couple that with being tired when I wake up due to getting to bed late… and that just isn’t a win for me.  But looking ahead to next week I hope to get into a “normal” routine.

I did get to run outside on Friday before the sales started.

2016-05-13 07.27.48

And of course that warranted an awesome drink to keep me awake.

2016-05-13 08.13.34
Nice shot of the top of the drink. haha!

My training plan this past week:

  • Mon – Rest!  Yeah, best way to start a training plan!
  • Tues – 6 easy miles (plus warm up, stretching)
  • Weds – 6 easy miles (plus warm up, stretching)
  • Thurs – 6 easy miles (plus warm up, stretching)
  • Fri – 8 easy miles (plus warm up, stretching)
  • Sat – Rest!  hooray!!
  • Sun – 6 easy miles (plus warm up, stretching)
  • Total = 32 miles

A bit repetitive this week, but I don’t mind because I’ve been too tired to think! 🙂

Here’s the pace guide I’m using for my workouts, which my coach has determined…

goal paces erie

We’ll discuss my paces next time… but for right now, time for some more relaxing after the big sale!! And trying to warm up.  It was windy, slightly rainy, and only 48 degrees today!  This is May, right??!

Random item of the weekend… we saw a wild turkey running down our sidewalk.  Wow, you don’t see that every day!  Luckily he was heading towards the woods so I think he wasn’t too lost.

2016-05-13 20.15.21


Q:  Have you ever had a garage sale?  If so, on your own, or part of a larger neighborhood sale?

Q:  Ever have any strange animal sightings around your house??

2 thoughts on “So dang tired. Garage sale recap!”
  1. That is so funny you mentioned seeing a wild turkey because on Tuesday morning while I was lifting, I looked out my bay window and saw 3 ducks in our back yard!!!! By my estimate they were about 1/2 mile from home! Don’t know how they ended up at my place. 🙂

    We have been spring cleaning and getting rid of shit but I am too impatient to sit outside and man a yard sale. Instead, we pitch, go to Good Will, or post “free” on FB and my friends call dibs on stuff.

    Congrats on finishing the first week of Hansons! My first week was pretty uneventful as well due to all the 6 milers. Today I do 8 but I get to do them w/ my brother!!! 🙂 Can’t wait!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…In America, you get to be an asshole!My Profile

  2. That’s cool that you get to run with your brother! That sounds fun! I’m having a hard time staying in the slower range on my “easy” runs outside. Not like I’m super speedy, but when I’m running by myself it’s just slower than I would normally go. Hopefully that’s something I can ace with more practice. No need to be wearing myself out!! That, or I need to recruit friends to talk to for each run because that always keeps me in check!

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