Gulp… it’s Wednesday already?  How does the week fly by so fast?  Anyhow, I guess it’s time for my weekly blog post.  I have so many thoughts ready to be blogged about, but finding the time is another story.  Here’s one that’s been waiting to be told….

2016-06-11 15.15.37

Summer is in full swing now here at my house! In addition to busy weekends, it also means some pretty wonderful early morning running. I don’t mind getting up at 5:20am if it means I get to see the sunrise. It’s about the only way to insure cool temps too.

I decided to take an extra day off work last week because we were heading to Kings Island, which is another amusement park about 3 hours away. We spent the night on Friday and hit the park both Friday and Saturday. For my Friday morning run I decided just to run on the treadmill. It has been so long since I’ve run on the treadmill, I have actually been having TV watching withdrawals!! No kidding. I miss my HGTV and reality shows!

When we arrived at Kings Island on Friday, the rain has just cleared up. Or so we thought. While we were waiting in line for The Beast, the rain started pouring down. We figured they would close the ride – but we were happy to be under cover waiting for the ride to start up again. We were wrong!! They actually just kept the ride going and we rode in the rain!

2016-06-10 14.06.23

It made for a crazy ride. The Beast is pretty darn awesome when you can see, but even more so when it’s a mystery!  Even though I don’t necessarily enjoy rain pelting in my face at 70 miles an hour, I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time! I wish I had the ride photo because I looked like the Grim Reaper. I had my hoodie pulled around my head and the string pulled tight. The only thing you could see was a smile under the black hood. I do realize the Grim Reaper probably isn’t smiling… but you get the point. It was so funny because we couldn’t see at all where we were going because we were shielding our face from the rain. My sides actually hurt from the laughing. Great times!!

2016-06-10 15.17.06

The rain kept the crowds away and we got to ride on a lot of coasters. Pretty ideal! We went on a crazy coaster named “Fire Hawk”. You not only ride backwards, but you are laying down, and flipped over UPSIDE DOWN, going up and down hills, and doing inversions. That’s a freaking trip because you feel like you are going to just fall right out of the harness on to the ground! Or maybe that was just me. I think the other people were enjoying the feeling of flying like SuperMan, but I had visions of me being the first person to slip out of the harness and splat on the ground. It could happen!! (not really, the ride is safe!)


On Saturday the temps soared into the 90’s. Not the best to be at an amusement park, but not too bad. After lunch we went to the water park. I didn’t realize that everyone who had paid for admission to the amusement park also had admission to the water park (it’s not that way at our park, Cedar Point). Holy crap, that park was packed!!

2016-06-10 21.21.13
Zachary, losing money at the Claw.


Given the large crowds at the water park, we decided to go on a few water attractions and then leave around 6pm. We did go on some rides, but our 6pm soon turned into 8pm and we rolled into our house around 11:30pm. Whew!

I do love getting away for just a day. It seemed like we had a week long trip to Florida… in the relaxing kind of way!

Sunday is “tempo run” day, and I ran 6 miles at marathon pace. With warm up, and cool down, it turned into 9.5 miles. One of my favorite parts of summer running is taking a dip in my pool right away – with my running clothes on. Technically that’s not actually “running”, but my post run routine. Complete with an ice cold coffee for some optimal hydration.

2016-06-12 10.41.53


Q:  Do you ever play the games at carnivals or amusement parks?

Nope!  We let the kids play with their own money.  Luckily the interest wears off after they lose their first dollar!

Q:  Are you a fan of water parks?

I don’t like body slides at all, but I think it’s fun to go down slides on tubes. Also, always interesting to see what tattoos people have!!

Q:  Do you ever miss running on a treadmill?

5 thoughts on “Kings Island weekend, or was it a week?”
  1. Girl, for a minute, I thought you were really in Florida! I was like, man, She was so close to me…. LOL!!! Then, I realized it was an analogy…. LOL~~~~ 😀

    Seriously, looks like you guys had a blast!!!! Looks fun!

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