I decided that I’d rather run my speedwork (intervals) on Tuesdays instead of Sundays. So, this was the week the switch went into effect – meaning that I ran intervals on Sunday, and again this morning. They couldn’t have been any different really!

I’m not a huge fan of intervals, but I know that the tough stuff gets results, so I think everytime I tough them out, it makes me more badass. That’s totally true, right? 🙂 On Sunday I ran 6 x 800’s, with 400 rest. Once again I skipped the track and went to the bike trail that is straight and easy to get my intervals done without any traffic or road crossings.

The 800s actually went quite well! I set my Garmin in interval mode again, and it had one screen up which showed me how long until the interval was done, and what my current interval pace was. Since the timing comes down to seconds, it was important that I kept an eye on how I was doing. They were supposed to be 7:53 and I ended up with: 7:52, 7:51, 7:52, 7:53, 7:51 & 7:47… because I wanted to end on a faster note! So really, spot on. WOOOHOOOO!

2016-06-05 09.16.58
Super curly hair means I worked out really hard!! 🙂

Then I even had time for 2 miles of cooldown. What a great workout.

2016-06-05 08.09.38

This morning I had to do 5 x 1000, w/ 400m rest. Target pace was 7:44. Yep, even faster pace. It was actually perfect weather for running – 54 degrees, no wind. I wore a short sleeve shirt and thought it was a tad chilly when I started. After I hit the lap button for my warm up, I started running my fast interval… but my watch was flashing all of my screens instead of just the one I wanted to see! This really ticked me off because all that I did was change my interval distances for this run. Other than that, it was the same as last time I thought.

During my rest time I screwed around with the watch but still couldn’t get the screen I wanted on my watch. What the heck should I do? Stop the workout here and restart it, in hopes of something different happening?? Ugh. Frustrating. I decided to just keep going. The lap pace screen was showing once out of the 4 screens that were rotating – I’d just have to look at it more closely.

I kept going. Holy crap, what a difference 200m and 9 seconds makes! That 7:44 pace seems really challenging, and 1000m seemed like *forever*!! I even took my shirt off for the last interval because I was getting overheated.

I finished up and the intervals were: 7:45, 7:57, 7:43, 7:51, 7:55. Not quite what I was hoping for, but still, I tried hard, so that counts for something. And the fact that they were all sub 8 gave me satisfaction.

2016-06-07 07.04.19
Workout done. Yeah!!!

Things I have learned about running intervals with my watch thus far…
1) When the watch starts to beep to warn me that a fast interval is going to start, make sure I am running at a decent pace because it’s exhausting to get my goal pace starting from SLOW!
2) Make sure the watch isn’t rotating screens, and my goal time and distance is showing. It makes is a heck of a lot easier when you can easily see the pace!!
3) Don’t turn around (u-turn) during the fast interval. That really kills the pace! Keep it on a straight, continuous path.
4) 1000m are really 1000x farther than 800s. I’m sure this is mathematically correct 🙂

Can’t wait for next week when I run 1200m!!    Not really. This is hard work!

Here’s a fun thing I did learn – my shorts pocket are an exceptional water holder!  I used to love carrying my water bottle, but lately it’s been annoying me and I’ve been thinking about a solution for that.  I think I found one!

2016-06-05 08.09.18

And here is a my kitty funny for the day… the kittens think I am playing a game when I do my PT exercises!  Nothing like a kitten’s needle-like claws stuck to my socks!

2016-06-02 06.30.40


Q:  Have you ever had a kitten or a puppy?

Q:  Do you have a track near you that you can do intervals on?

Q:  Do you like to carry water in a hand held, waist pack, or just hiding it along your route?

6 thoughts on “The tale of two intervals”
  1. I have a college track near me for track work but it happens to be adjacent to a nice straight flat bike trail. I can do up to one mile repeats without crossing an intersection. Much prefer the trail to the track. All those left turns really make my right hip sore. Tore my quadratus femoris muscle doing Hanson track work.

    1. Tearing anything sounds really painful!! Ouch! The track was cool for 800s, but more than that makes it really monotonous. I hadn’t thought about the repetitive running style – I can see how it could bother your hips. bummer!

  2. It is so fun reading about the same speed workouts I had to do! My 800s felt really good as well. 1000s felt A LOT LONGER- YES! The first one was very hard it it scared me. But the last 4 didn’t get harder, so that is good. It was nice doing 5! I think I like the longer intervals but shorter repeats.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Via Marathon Training: Week FourMy Profile

    1. You have a point there – more than 5 repeats is a bit daunting!! I think I figured out my watch screen, so hopefully next time will be better.

  3. Hey I think I have that exact pink nike top. Twins!

    Nice work on your intervals. I also feel like the difference between running an 800 and a 1000 is huge. In my mind an 800 is just half a mile, but a 1000 is a whole kilometer!. Half of something has to be way shorter than a whole something, right?!
    Heather [is probably running] recently posted…Easy 6My Profile

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