My coach reminded me that I’m half way done with my training plan.   Gulp.  Sure enough, I have 7 weeks left until the big day.  I’ve purposely been avoiding putting any numbers and time to the event because I think that just makes me nervous about it.  As you know, my training has not gone stellar due to the shape I’m in (slightly injured and dealing with “pain in the ass” issues).  But, as my coach also put it, “if Lisa wasn’t training for a marathon, what else would she be doing?”  Quite frankly, I don’t know!  I do love my running time, the health benefits, the challenge of a goal, and the organization of a training plan, so I’d probably be doing the same thing I’m doing right now anyways, so why not go for it since I’ve sunk the time and money into it already!

So here it goes – this is what I’ve been doing this week on my training plan…

Saturday – I met up with friends and ran 8 easy miles.  Was supposed to run “6 easy miles” but my friend, who drove us, informed me she was running 8, so why not?  Wasn’t going to sit in the parking lot for 2 miles so that was that.  It was a good run and I enjoyed the company!

Sunday – Had my sports massage appointment.  I was feeling like a champ when I left the office, but when I took my first step of my run, the right “injured” side really complained and felt worse than normal.  Sh*t!!  So, instead of cranking out a run with 8 miles at tempo (approx 11 mile run), I cut it short and went home after 6.5 miles.  No point in making it a suckfest!

Monday – Rest day!!  I did nothing.  Rest, rest, rest!

Tuesday – Speedwork day!  Had an easier pace speedwork day.  4 x 1 mile repeats, at 8:40 pace instead of the prior 7:50 pace.  This is the next phase of my Hansons plan which focuses on “strength” instead of “speed”.  My coach said this was intended to be a motivational run.  Goal achieved!!  This run went well.  At night I ran the Under the Moon 5K.  A double running day!

Wednesday – Rest from running, but biked easy for 10 miles instead.

Thursday – Another rest from running.  Biked 20 miles instead.  XT day!

Friday – This was interesting… it was supposed to be 4 miles @ “long run” 9:30, 8 miles at “marathon pace” 8:45, and 4 miles at “long run”.  Well, it ended up being a freaking hot day and even starting at 6:00 am was not enough.  It was so humid I didn’t end up getting even one mile at marathon pace. Not one.  Sweatfest.  In fact, there were many walking breaks, and the last 2 miles were run/walk.  Oh well.  I got the 16 miles done and it really did not feel bad in terms of my glute/hamstrings.  I think the biking really helped the issue cool down some.

I was soooooooo happy to see my pool at the end of my run!



Q: Anyone else training for races?  What are you running?

Q:  Big weekend plans?


4 thoughts on “Erie Marathon training… half way done?”
  1. I can’t wait to run Erie with you, Chris has assured me that you will crush the course and get a solid BQ. 🙂

  2. WOW!!! Half way through training?!!!!! I didn’t realize you were that close to your marathon……. I just know that you are going to rock that marathon! Hopefully, your body stays strong… I know it is frustrating dealing with sport’s injuries…. seems that there is always something! but, I know you have this!!!!

    Sport’s massage seems wonderful! I keep saying I am going to schedule one, but dang, I never seem to have the time! ugh!

    Oh, I am soooooooooooooo very jealous that you have a pool! Man, I would just love to jump in a pool after a long run here in south georgia!

    Funny side note, a friend of mine went to ohio this weekend…. I was so jealous thinking that she was going to have great weather to run in……. I was so wrong! She told me that it was just as hot and humid there!!!! Perhaps, she brought our weather with her to you guys up in OHIO! 😀

    Hang in there…. you got this upcoming marathon …. positive thinking! Don’t let anything get you down!!!!

  3. Good on you for persevering despite the “pain in the ass issues”!! Does not sound easy! seven weeks is still heaps of time too right?? My weekend plans are to do NOTHING and it is the best 😍😍😍 have a great day Lisa!

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