Happy 4th of July!!

2016-07-03 21.16.16

I haven’t posted a weekly recap in forever it seems, so I thought I’d let you know how it’s going.  Look a this!


And this!  I love looking at these recaps.  Love how I actually have “cycling” distances mixed it.  Looks like I’m crushing it with the XT!


Even though my past week looks pretty good, it was marked with highs and lows.

Tuesday:  High – My speedwork worked!  Following a rest day on Monday, I was able to pound out 3 x 1600 repeats with 600 rest.  Got it done, hit the paces!

Weds: Low – holy crap, this run was an awful suckfest. Pain. pain. pain.

Thurs – XT day.  Had an enjoyable, very short morning bike ride.

Fri: Ran 8 easy miles on the treadmill because it rained.  I almost forgot how to turn my treadmill on!   Pain was not to bad on this run.

2016-07-01 21.22.29
We got shakes at Sonic. Since they are half off, we all had to get the Large size. Yummy, but way too big!!!

Saturday: High– went out for what I thought would be a painful run, and it actually was quite enjoyable!  I ran with my friend Sarah who is a speedier runner, so that kept the pace up.  We did 6 miles @ 9:05 pace.  I spent the rest of the day walking around and doing chores/activities so by the time I hit the bed, I had high hopes for my tempo run the next day because I wasn’t even (very) sore!

Sunday: High/Low – Sadly, I awoke the day after my run with Sarah feeling really tight again, like my hamstrings had shrunk. Ugh.  It took me a good 1.5 miles to shake off the tightness [low point of run].  But once I got into my pace miles, it was feeling pretty decent.  By “decent” I mean, lingering pain still there, but not so much that I’m super annoying and want to take intravenous pain meds.  Yippie!

Also, I was super psyched that “marathon pace” miles didn’t feel too bad.  I can do this!  [high point of run].  Hey, maybe I should ask my coach about changing my training plan *yet again* and run the 14 mile long run all in one day instead of broken into two day!  But then… right as my pace miles were finishing (around 8.5 miles) I felt that familiar “ouch this is getting really painful” feeling again and I just wanted to the run to be done.  That last mile was not so fun. [very lowest point of the run]   Wow, what a roller coaster of a run!

We also biked with our kids.  Went for an 11 mile ride.  It was super laidback, but my daughter said her legs were sore.  My son was perfectly fine, so we’ve determined she is a wimp 🙂  I am enjoying filling up some workout time with biking because it makes me feel far less lame than I really am.  I am also starting to think seriously about getting a new bike.  It’s going to happen!!

2016-07-03 16.52.05
A treat for biking so far. My son really was happy, but this was “take 2”, so he was less happy to still be posing!


Monday (today!)…. going to meet with a sports massage person today.  Not sure what will happen there, but I’m hoping she uses her golden hands of magic and cures all that ails me with her wisdom and knowledge.  A girl can hope, right?

I hope your day is filled with relaxation, food, friends, family, or whatever it is that you enjoy!


Q:  Anyone having a cookout today, or going to one!

We are having a cookout.  My parents just got back from a cruise to Alaska!

Q: Anyone cycling lately?  The weather has been awesome for it!

Q:  Do you indulge in the half off shakes at Sonic in the summer?

It’s a 20 min drive for us… but worth it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Happy 4th, and a weekly recap”
  1. Hey your week looks great! I am glad you had some good runs to counteract the bad ones. Omg that fam picture of you guys with the milkshakes is epic. So are their shakes half off all summer??? We have never been to Sonic, but there is ONE in Harrisburg. Only one. I guess it has been there for a couple years… I hope today went well!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Via Marathon Training: Week 8My Profile

    1. Yep, half off all summer after 8pm. Funniest part was that we all picked out some super flavors, and then when we got to the drive through those flavors weren’t included (because they were “blasts” not shakes) so we flaked out and had to drive around the parking lot until we could decide on our choices again. Amateurs!! Ha!

  2. I hope those magic hands worked wonders today!

    I’ve NEVER had a shake from sonic before! I don’t know why but the sweet tooth gene didn’t really ever take root for me. However, when it comes to bread I’m all in, which is why it’s so ironic that I was diagnosed with celiac a couple of years ago >:(
    Kristina Running recently posted…It’s a Party in the USA ♫My Profile

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