I think I’m at risk of jinxing myself, but I have some awesome news… a massage took away my hamstring pain!!  OMG, right??  I went to see the sport massage therapist again.  Initially, I was a bit confused about the whole process because when I saw her the first time I thought I was getting a massage.  I showed up in flip flops (GASP!!!) and comfy “athletic” wear waiting for the hands of magic.  I did not get hands of magic.  I got a PT type evaluation and some exercises prescribed to me.  That was good, because she was figuring out what was wrong, but where’s the massage I was so looking forward to?? 😉  My therapist also talked about some areas other than my glutes, like my ankles and calves.  I know everything is connected, but I was a bit unsure where this was going.

When I went back to see her on Monday, I got a complete and thorough massage.  She did a lot of evaluation on different muscles and how my pain and strength reacted to different actions and then she hit the spot!  Just pressing on one muscle stopped the hamstring pain!!  HALLELUJAH!  I think she did some myofascial release on those areas.  Honestly I was just laying there with my eyes closed, wincing at the pain here and there so I don’t know exactly what was going on.


After an hour session with her, she put some KT tape on my leg/knee and I was good to go.  I also have an extra pain on the right side, which I think is a pulled hamstring which has been irritable for a few weeks now, so I think that is a fix for that situation.  As you can tell, I pay VERY close attention when I go to see doctors. (so bad)

2016-07-06 13.01.00
KT tape lets people know you are a serious competitor!! 😉
2016-07-06 12.58.19
Slap some on… they have colors to coordinate with every workout outfit!


I was SHOCKED when I woke up on Tuesday and went for a run… and had NO hamstring pain.  Holy smokes, it was un-freaking-believable!!  Sadly, I did still have have tight glutes, but we are working on that, and I am getting a plan for that.  I’m just **thrilled** to have part of this issue solved!

So, here’s to moving forward with my pains and getting rid of them!!

And to wrap it up, here’s some fun pictures I took over the weekend.  Follow me on Instagram to catch this exciting stuff live! 🙂

2016-07-04 17.46.12
Our patriot drinks for the 4th! Our sacred Boston Marathon finishers glasses too 🙂

2016-07-04 11.58.31-2 2016-07-04 12.02.02-1

And finally, a fun conversation I had with my husband yesterday who was doing some landscape removal in 90 degree weather with the kids…

2016-07-06 10.32.06

2016-07-06 10.32.14


Q: Had any Hallelujah happenings you’d like to share??

Q: Ever have a sports massage?  Was it beneficial?

Q: Lawncare – do it yourself, or do you have a service?

I have a sexy lawn boy.  I call him Alan 😉


8 thoughts on “Some awesomeness…”
  1. That picture of you at your desk…that was me yesterday. Morning run after listening to my neighbor’s fireworks for half the night. I was dead exhausted all day at work.

    And hooray for hamstring progress! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Heather [is probably running] recently posted…A week of firstsMy Profile

    1. I should have blogged about our fireworks at our house… we caught the grass on fire! Of course our show ended by 9:30 because I wanted to be asleep by 10:15, due to the early wakeup time. Priorities!!

      1. Ugh. I wish you were my neighbor (even with the fire, yikes!). From assorted directions around my house it was basically constant explosions from about 9 to sometime after 11. I had to stop checking the time because it just made me extra angry to know how little sleep I was going to get.
        Heather [is probably running] recently posted…A week of firstsMy Profile

  2. Those pics of your kids are too cute!!! I may try it with my nieces. I did not know you had a pool. I wish we lived closer and could be real life friends. 😉

    Now, for the most important part: YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY for the magic hands of your doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I am thrilled for you. Will you go back for more?
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Randomy RandomnessMy Profile

    1. Yes indeed I’m going back to see her! My next appt is on the 17th, but I’m hoping she can get me in a little earlier. I want to work more on the glutes as soon as I can!

  3. I so believe in massage!!!! Sadly, I can’t remember the last time I actually scheduled a massage. I keep saying that I will, but then, for one thing or another, I never manage to get one scheduled! UGH! But, I sooooooooooo need a massage!

    Love the creative pictures! Saw them on Instagram and thought they were AWESOME!!!!

    Love the patriotic drinks too!!!! Very cool! I see great stuff like that on Pinterest and pin it, but then I hardly get around to actually doing it…LOL! 😀

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