“So, how’s your running been going?”  I’m sure that is exactly what you were wondering when you stopped by to visit my little blog!  Well, sure, I’ll tell you about it!

Sunday – due to having lots of fun and staying up until midnight on Saturday night, I didn’t get out for my tempo run until 8:00am.  To me, 8:00 is like running at noon!  It felt really late.  The plan said 8 miles at tempo (marathon pace), with a warm up and cool down.  So, around 11 miles.  Since it was hot and sunny, I decided to go to a shaded trail that I haven’t been to in a long time.  It was nice to get on the trail again.  I appreciated the shade!!  I warmed up, and then got to work on my pace miles.

On the way out, I did pretty good.  Pace was supposed to be 8:45 – I got 8:54, 8:46, 8:47, 8:56.  Not spectacular, but decent enough for me.  But after the turn around, I felt like I was really doing good, but my paces were getting worse!  9:07, 9:03, 11:49 (??!!?!), 9:24.  WTF?  I was pretty discouraged because I was really making an effort.  Felt like Twilight Zone show where I just kept getting slower and slower.  Oh man.

Then I looked at the map on Garmin and saw something interesting…


The GPS had me running off the trail, despite the fact that I ran the same path both directions.  Interesting!!  I’m guessing that had something to do with the tree cover.  That made me feel a bit better about my run.

2016-07-10 09.56.06
I got a new neon tank top. I will not get hit by cars with this baby!!


Monday – Rest day!  woohoo!!

Tuesday – Intervals!  My coach has reduced the number of intervals to give me a break.  I was happily surprised to see I only had 2 repeats. Sure, they were mile repeats, but after I did one, there was only one more to go and I was done!  The pace was supposed to be 7:50, but my first one was 7:59.  I blame that on the fact that I started out from a stopped position (I was stopped to do some additional dynamic warmups), and it’s hard to get up to that pace right away.  The second interval was 7:51.  Still not quite there, but good enough for a sticky, humid morning!

Oddly enough, the fast running seemed to work out my tightness and pain, and by the time I got to the end of my workout, I felt *no*pain!  I had to take advantage of that and ran an extra mile around my neighborhood just to enjoy the feeling of being free from pain.  Trust me, those moments don’t happen very often anymore.  And sure enough, I went back to being sore the rest of the day [insert crying emoji’s here!].

2016-07-12 06.56.21
This is my “Yeah, I just ran fast!” happy smile!  It’s too hot to wear shirts around here.

The best part of summer running?… I get to take a dip in my backyard pool, sans shorts.  Hey, my underwear actually has more coverage than my swimsuit bikini bottoms do, so my neighbors would probably be thankful for that if they saw me.  Which they don’t, so it doesn’t matter really.  I just don’t want to take the chance of ruining my shorts with chlorine!

2016-07-12 06.59.14-1

Wednesday – Today… I ran 6 easy miles.  Took it real easy because I have a 8K race tomorrow that I’d like to enjoy.  Still, ran the whole way feeling the pain and questioned my goals, plans, and why I am even running at all.  Do you ever have those days, even uninjuried? haha!  But honestly, my dreams for BQ, or even happily completing a marathon this Fall seem to be slipping farther away each day.  BUT, if I knew I would be able to rest for a while, and come back to running next year pain free, I am OK with that.

So, that’s how my running has been going.  Thanks for asking 😉

On to lighter topics… my garden has exploded.  I generously donated 2 of them to my friend.  It’s just a coincidence that she wasn’t home at the time.  I’m sure she would have graciously accepted them if I would have asked her!!

2016-07-10 20.17.37-2

And lastly, it was 58 cent pancake day at iHop.  We indulged for dinner!

2016-07-12 18.11.54

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Q: Gardeners – how is your garden going?  What veggies do you have the most success with?

Q: Do you often have weird GPS issues with your watch?

Q: Do you eat breakfast foods for dinner often?

No!  So it’s a big treat when we do.  Well, not counting the random bowl of cereal when I’m out of dinner ideas 🙂


3 thoughts on “What’s up this week”
  1. I’ve been less than impressed with the Garmin Fenix 3 and Fenix 3 HR, both of which have had way too many GPS issues. And the worst is how the 3 HR screwed up on the Mohican run. First it stopped incrementing the mileage for about 20+ minutes, which required a reboot. Then 30 miles later it started going way off course and adding miles in a matter of seconds, which another reboot fixed. And to top it off, it randomly rebooted twice more during the rest of the race. When it comes to what runners want from a GPS watch, accurate GPS data + being stable are pretty much at the top of the list.

  2. Love that pink top! The story about your pace slowing down reminded me of the first time I ran on the treadmill in a few years- I had the incline WAY up and was just so confused about why my pace was soo slow! Lesson learnt 🙂 We just found out yesterday our application was accepted for an amazing house with a huge garden- I can’t wait to start growing things too! It helps that curtis is a gardner 🙂
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