I have a lot to cover on what happened in our weekend, but I’m saving that until I have a little more time in a few days. BUT, I did want to share with you this awesome, crazy, unbelievable thing that happened to me today.

It was “date night” with my son and he picked bowling for the evening’s entertainment.  We have a really great bowling alley close by that not only has glow bowling, but also is super clean and can raise bumpers for individual players on the lane.  That way, my son can have the gutter guards and I can bowl without them.  I think that’s pretty high tech because the other bowling alley in our town doesn’t offer that feature.  And the other alley always has a stale old cigarette smell.  PU!

Anyhow, we bowled our first game and my efforts were less than impressive.  I’m not a good bowler by any means, but I really didn’t score much at all our first game.

2016-08-28 19.17.12
Ouch. Only 71!!


Our second game started out even worse when I kept bowling gutter balls and only got one pin down on the first frame.  Yikes!  But then, I must have just been getting better as we played because on the last frame I actually bowled a strike, followed by a 2nd strike, and ending with a THIRD strike!!  Holy crap, that was just crazy unbelievable!

2016-08-28 19.33.48
Seeing is believing!


That, my friends, is a called a Turkey.  You’d think it have a better name honestly, but it’s so cool… I’ll take it!  Legend has it that a turkey used to be the actual prize for bowling three strikes.  I figured I’d get some kind of plaque or acknowledgement for being so awesome, but surprisingly I was not awarded anything at the bowling alley!   😉

2016-08-28 19.33.42

Hope you had a great weekend and I’ll catch you up on a few weekend happenings later!  Have a great Monday 🙂


Let’s chat!…

Q:  Do you go bowling?  Ever been on a bowling league?

Glow bowling is on our list of “fun things to do soon” again.  This wasn’t glow bowling tonight, just regular bowling.

Q:  Got anything fun happening this week?  Attending some pre-Labor day sales?? 

5 thoughts on “Crazy unbelievable!”
    1. I used to go with my Mom on her league day too! It was fun to hang around and play video games!! I had to brag to the lady when I was paying for my games and she said “yeah, I saw you dancing around over there.” 🙂

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