Down to our final days of the vacation recap!  I’m going to just lump all of the rest of the stuff together.  Right across the street from our resort were several Cenotes.  Cenotes are “swimming holes”!  They have crystal clear water, which is a bit chilly.  However, “chilly” is all relative.  The water temperature was around 77 degrees I think, which is the temperature of our pool when we open it!  Granted, I don’t get into our pool until it’s at least 80, but in this beautiful paradise, I gladly went for a swim!

I look totally legit in my snorkel gear! Badass.


Cenotes have fish, birds who live in the caves, and underwater caves where people dive.


Cristalino Cenote also had a cliff to jump off of!!  I was totally scared to jump at first and it took me a long time to get my courage up.  After I did it I realized it wasn’t that bad at all.  It was a blast!

This is my son jumping in. It doesn’t look that high from this angle…


But this is the view from the top!

Unfortunately the jumping got some water stuck in my ear and it gave me a heck of a time the rest of the trip (2 days).  Luckily I got some drops to put in them which cleared up a lot of the pain before I got on the plane home.  Ugh.

Here’s a bunch of random stuff about our trip that I haven’t mentioned yet…  we went on a jet ski!  Not my thing really, but everyone else loved it.  I mean it was a lot of fun, but I just didn’t like to drive it fast!


We played bocce ball!  I’m still not sure if we scored it right, but it was fun.


Alan sailed us around on a catamaran.  He’s quite the captain.  (look at Sydney’s expression.  She wasn’t loving it at that moment!)


We went into the town of Playa del Carmen to do some bargain shopping.


Saw this very interesting street performer who looked like he was being held up by his sword!

Yes they have Old Navy in small little Mexican towns too!


Taking public transportation again!


Our breakfast choices were practically endless!!  The most mesmerizing option was this wall of donuts.  Ummm, donuts.


We ate dinner at a fantastic hibachi restaurant at the resort.  All included 🙂


For the first time ever, I was winning in the hair department!  I tried out a new hair creme and it worked great!  I’ve actually been wearing my hair curly for 80% of my days now because it’s just so easy!

2016-07-30 20.55.01

Pool pic…


Beach pic…


A barracuda swam right in front of us at the beach!


And finally, the awesome thing that happened before we left – we finally had an encounter with the sea turtles that frequented the waters of the beach area.  This one swam all around us!

Lookie Zack!!!!


Well helloooo! What are you doing here!

Hope you have enjoyed ALL of these pictures and stories from my trip.  All opinions were my own, although Barcelo Tropical Maya provided us with this trip.  LOL, just kidding.  I wish.  Anyhow, back to reality, and back to running posts again!

Thanks for reading my blog.  Have a great rest of your week!


Q:  Have you ever played bocce ball?

Q:  What is your favorite tropical vacation destination?

Q:  Have you ever had “swimmer’s ear”?  (I hope not, it’s NO fun!)


8 thoughts on “Mexico Barcelo – final days!”
  1. Whew! Finally caught up on all of your vacation posts. I’ve been crazy busy this week getting ready for my own vacation (flight leaves tonight!) and haven’t had time to read.

    Your trip sounds like it was super amazing. A perfect mix of getting out and doing things like snorkeling and scuba, but also time spent with a drink by the pool. Oh and that donut wall doesn’t hurt either! I’m super jealous of your sea turtle encounter. I was hoping to spot one snorkeling in Hawaii, but alas just a ton of tropical fish.

    PS: Congrats on being named a race ambassador again!
    Heather [is probably running] recently posted…A lesson in time managementMy Profile

    1. Thanks! I think I’ll be running the relay at GCM this time. It could be a fun family race! Hawaii is still on our bucket list for trips. Did you stay on one island?

    1. Ugh, swimmer’s ear is the worst! No, the worst part was I stopped using my Mexican ear drops and the pain came back. I went to my Dr and the prescription ear drops would have been $108 (have to meet insurance deductible!!). So no US ear drops for me. But the Mexican ones are doing the job again. Too bad I can’t read the label on the drops though (Spanish). I’ll just assume they are the right meds!!

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