Being “on holiday” is my new thing. I don’t really know what qualifies for holiday vs vacation, but since we were out of the country for 8 nights, I feel we were fitting in with all of the other families from “over the pond” and “holiday” it is!

It was a lovely, glorious, relaxing 8 nights off the grid. 95% by choice, and 5% because there was only free wifi for 2 hours each day at the lobby, and we certainly weren’t going to pay for wifi! I only checked email twice, just in case there was an emergency. 

There’s something very liberating knowing that there are no urgent texts, emails or calls because no one can reach you!

The very odd thing about being off the grid is that Facebook is *very* concerned about where you are. They kept sending emails telling that there are X new notifications, asking if I “know this person” and the weirdest yet – I started getting notifications that random FB friends had posted pictures, replied to a comment, or just updated their status. These are people I never asked to follow!! I did not like that and I hope those notifications stop immediately. Enough already!

I’m writing this on the plane right now. We ended up extending our holiday one more night because we missed our connecting flight in Ft Lauderdale. It was all due to a backup in customs as we reentered the US. Customs was a freaking madhouse. One big f*%@$& mess. Sorry for that harsh language on my lovely holiday post, but they really need to fix that situation. Just when we thought there was a chance that we were going to make our flight and passed through the inspection portion of customs, we were then led into a room with huge amounts of luggage. We then found out that we needed to take our bags and check back with the airlines because we all missed our flights. Ugh. Cheap Spirit didn’t even pay for our hotel room. We grabbed some McDonalds for dinner 10:30 pm. 

Oh, and then some people knocked on our hotel room door at 2:15 am asking if they could check our bed for bugs. I kid you not. Something about they had bugs in their bed and they had to prove it to the hotel people. Um no. I am sleeping and need to wake up at 5:15am for a flight. Me and the bugs are happy sleeping together right now. Go away. (Note, we had no bugs in our bed!!! We had a nice room.)

Crazy stuff!! Anywho, I’ll be taking advantage of another day off work and easing back into reality after holiday :). Pictures from our adventure will be coming soon… and we had lots of adventures!

Hope Monday is treating you well!


Q: Have you ever gone through customs in Ft Lauderdale? I’m not kidding, it was sorely understaffed and a madhouse! Lots and lots of angry travelers. 🙁

Q: Do you go on vacation or on holiday?

Q: Where was the last place you have flown to?

6 thoughts on “Off the grid on holiday!”
    1. The time off put me in a chill mood – even though it was unplanned and unorganized at the end, I figured it wasn’t anything I could change so I didn’t stress it! And an extra day off work allows me to catch up on the laundry! 🙂

  1. Have you heard of the Global Entry program? Similar to the TSA Pre-Check program, it is for people traveling abroad. Gets you priority status going through Customs but probably not worth it if you don’t fly overseas a lot. Learned my lesson about Spirit Airlines when we flew to Myrtle Beach for the marathon. Won’t be flying that airline again. EVER. Last place I flew was to Denver to run the BolderBoulder 10K on Memorial Day.

    1. I did see some signs for that program. Sadly, we only leave the country about once a year 🙂 I think we’ve said we weren’t going to fly Spirit again many times, but that “low cost” lures us back! Which really might not be lowest when you factor in everything else, but still, it’s so enticing! It really wasn’t the airline’s fault, but the people in Customs. They really needed to staff more appropriately for the load of people arriving – and put some signs up. It was very unclear what we were supposed to be doing, which certainly doesn’t help when you’ve got a large amount of stressed out travelers!

  2. I’m sorry customs was a madhouse!!! Stuff like that really stresses me out. Just flying in general. It’s all rushy rushy. And I am TERRIFIED of missing a flight. I get to the airport like 4 hours early lol. But obviously if you have flight connections you can’t do that!

    1. It would definitely stress you out to travel with us! They told us to get to the airport 45 mins before our flight this morning, so we got there right about that time. Apparently they meant we needed to be checked in for the flight, because when we got there 45 mins early, there were about a million people waiting in line at Spirit!!! Luckily, they do pull the people out of the line who need to board *immediately* and wouldn’t you know it, that was us. Running to our gate, again. We probably need to stop booking such early flights and we would wake up earlier, to get to the airport earlier!

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