My thoughts were kind of in a jumble this morning.  I woke up early for my run (5:20am) on Tuesday.  That early wake up, plus taking an antihistamine, meant by the time 10pm rolled around Tuesday night, I was pretty exhausted and cranky.  I get a decent amount of sleep, but some days I just get worn out.  Over my past few years of early risings for marathon training, I have learned that 7 hours of sleep is the sweet spot for me.  If I sleep longer, it takes me longer to wake up, and I feel a bit groggy.

The reason I took an antihistamine is because I’m still getting through my poison ivy breakout.  It’s moved on to the stage where it’s super itchy.  That stupid itchy feeling woke me up at 5am this morning.  In addition to the poison ivy itching, my scrapped knee was also drying out and was driving me crazy too!  UGHHHHHH

After putting some lotions on my itchies, I did something I haven’t done in a month… I used my body pillow.  Here’s the thing, I have *always* slept with a body pillow.  I’ve done it since I was a kid.  It’s my thing.  When we go camping, I drag along the body pillow.  On vacation, I take the empty pillowcase and stuff it with all of the extra pillows at the hotel and make my own body pillow!  It was an obsession.  A very happy sleeper obsession.

Not actually me, because I’m blond! But I did look this happy with my pillow too.

I say “was an obsession” because something odd happened when I went on vacation in Mexico – I was so exhausted the first night there I just feel asleep laying on my back without even “constructing” my body pillow to use.  It was a really unusual thing for me to do.

So then I decided to try sleeping without the body pillow.  A few months ago when I was having all of the lower back issues my physical therapist told me that I should stop using the body pillow because it wasn’t helping my situation.  I just couldn’t do it.  No way, no how was I going to change my sleeping habits.  But then it happened on it’s own.  I’m still not sure how it’s affecting my back/hamstrings, and it certainly wasn’t a change that made me feel happier (sleeping with body pillows are like a sleeping on heavenly clouds!)  but I have kept with it and am getting used to just falling asleep with out my pillow.   I’m just thinking it’s the “right” thing to do.


So what about you?…

Q:  How many hours of sleep do you find optimal, and how many do you really get?

Q:  Are you a back sleeper, side sleeper or on your stomach?

I find it super weird to sleep on my side without my body pillow.  I’ve been sleeping on my back.

Q:  Does anyone else sleep with a body pillow??

Well, not me anymore.  Mostly.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  Hope you are having a great week!  Mine has actually been a bit stressful.  My Dad got a new computer, and of course I’m his technical support person.  Love him, but it’s very stressful…

13 thoughts on “Sleep, how do you do? zzzzz”
  1. I have struggled with sleep issues for years now. Seems like I use to get a solid night’s sleep when I was younger, but now I am wide awake every couple of hours all night long. I can fall asleep sitting in my car at a stop light but I can’t sleep in my own bed! Very frustrating and I am sure it effects my running. Mornings when I have had a really bad night, I am just exhausted BEFORE I run. Maybe I should try a body pillow? I have already tried all the other home remedies like Melatonin and a warm shower and turning off all electronics an hour before bed and staying out of the bedroom until you are ready to sleep. Nothing seems to be helping. If I get 4 or 5 hours a night, that is good for me.

    1. Ugh, sorry to hear about the sleeping issues! It is super frustrating when that happens. I was having problems awhile back and realized I would get all stressed out if I checked the time on the alarm clock, so now I have a rule to never look at it when I get up to use the bathroom or just wake up randomly. (but oops, I did check it this morning!!) As for the body pillow, it seemed to cruel to have my PT suggest I get rid of my body pillow! I haven’t found any evidence that’s bad for me really – and my bed seems so big without it! 🙁 I’m just hoping there’s some merit to her theory. haha!

  2. I keep getting woken up at like 5:20am most days because this crazy lady I live with decided to become a morning runner! Luckily I get back at her when I get up at 4:50am on Mondays for track day. ha

    1. The only time I had problems with snoring was when I was pregnant. I felt bad about it, so I used to wear those nasal strips so I wouldn’t keep bothering Alan! Those nasal strips are really great for sleeping when you have a cold too.

  3. Adam sleeps with a body pillow too… which annoys me because I think he should be rubbing my back all night instead of clutching his pillow girlfriend 😀

    I sleep on my stomach and apparently bury my face in my pillow. Adam says sometimes he has to roll me over because my face is so smashed into the pillow that I start snoring because I can’t get any air! I hope that if I was actually about to suffocate I would wake up on my own!

    How are you feeling now? Any less itchy?
    Kristina Running recently posted…Marathon Training Plan Update!My Profile

    1. Oh good – there is someone else who sleeps with a body pillow!! Alan is just too hot (haha!) for me to snuggle with. That only works for about 10 seconds and then I need to get back to my cool space in the bed!
      My itchies are quite befuddling. I swear I have little itchy spots all over my legs. I am putting 3 different creams on my legs depending on which spot I am dealing with. But for the poison ivy, I think it’s on the way out. Hate that stuff!!! I just seem to be susceptible to getting rashes, if there is such a thing.

  4. So many things I want to reply about this post! 🙂 is that still the same poison ivy from ages ago?!? We don’t have that in NZ but I get the WORST allergies and it doesn’t help that rotorua has a tonne of pollen in the air- but I have now been upgraded to steroid nasal spray which finally actually works! Not sure why I needed to tell you that but it was exciting stuff in my world 🙂 secondly, I am obsessed with sleeping with a pillow (just a normal one but I spoon it 🙂 ). So sad that it wasn’t good for you!!! Finally, parents and technical stuff… Taught my dad how to download apps this weekend… He did pretty well but its like a whole new language haha 🙂
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    1. Well, it’s the “end of summer 2016” poison ivy. I’ve avoided it all season and then it hit me a few weeks ago. That stuff takes a really long time to get rid of, unless the Dr. gives you a shot. That’s great that you found a spray that works! I’m sure that is a life saver for you! It is super odd to sleep without my pillow 🙁 I feel like a dead person just laying there! However, in my favor, I am exhausted every night when I go to sleep so I fall asleep very easy!
      The funny thing is that I work with seniors at my job, and talk them through all sorts of computer problems with ease. But with my Dad, it’s different. I feel like the angels are giving me a gold star every time I help my Dad with a computer problem. haha!!

    1. I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one with pillow hugging habits. Although I’m not sure if I’ll go back to my pillow or not. It does save some space when we travel!!

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