The days are now being countdown on my fingers (of just one hand!) until Erie marathon.  Since I’ve last blogged, I had a scare.  My foot started to hurt!  On Saturday I had a happy race day, and trip to the Fair.  But that night, my arch and heel felt a little sore.  Odd, because there was no reason for it and I’ve never had that pain before.  Sunday it was there (no running).  Monday it was gone (still no running, rest day).  Tuesday morning it was back slightly again, but I ran my “5 easy miles”.  No pain during my run, at least none that I remember, but after my run my foot was not feeling good at all!  I’d say it was a 7 on the pain scale!

I iced it on Tuesday, took some Ibuprofen, and slept with a PF night splint, but sadly my heel was still sore this morning.  🙁  It kept me awake last night thinking about if I had a stress fracture… and if I would even go to Erie… and what Alan would do… and I’d miss the Columbus half…  Ugh.  You see, the Erie marathon weekend is a well orchestrated weekend of the kids being shuttled to and fro by family members, and playdates, and XC meets, soccer games – all happening at the same time while we are in Erie!

This is the lighthouse at Presque Isle where we race. I have never actually seen this building, but damn it, it’s my goal to see it this year!!!


Luckily I got an appointment with my sports Dr to check it out.  I told him the story, and asked “so should I run the marathon?”.  We looked at my history (stress fracture in the same heel 3 years ago), how often this has been happening, did a “hop test” and a few other things, and then he decided that one run would not be the end of it all – make sure I ice it and rest up after the race.  Have my husband cater to my every whim (hahaha, are you reading this Alan?).  If I’m hobbling around on it after the race for a week, we’d come up with a plan to get it better and see how long I had to rest it.


So, game on Erie marathon!!  I think this sums it up….



Q:  Are you a hypochondriac?  

I swear I’m not, I just like to think of myself as “in tune with my body”!!

Q: What is your favorite race mantra?


6 thoughts on “Erie marathon – the countdown is on!”
    1. I don’t know anything about PF beyond when Alan had it. He taped his foot up forever! He said if it was PF, or a heel bruise, it would take a while to heal up. I guess I will have to do a little test run before the race to see if I need to tape it. I did take Monday off – I see lots of pampering in my future!

  1. I think prior to a big event like a marathon, you become super in tune with your body!!!! I mean, you are tapering and this all these weird things start to rear their heads! This shocked me prior to my marathon…. I had pains where I had never had before. My coach reassured me that this is normal. But, how do you tell what is something to be worried about? I don’t know…. LOL! But, I think you are on the right track to baby your heel prior to the upcoming marathon!!!!!!!!

    I am so freakin excited about your marathon!!!! I will be cheering once again from South Georgia for you!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear about it!!!!! You really inspire me on your “go getter” attitude. I think I would love to run another marathon, and thought about running the one in March that was my first this past year….but, I have committed to anything one a half marathon distance. Part of me really wants to see what I can do with a full since now I know what it is like to run 26.2 miles.

    My go to Mantra is: “You got this!” This seems to help when my mind starts playing tricks on me…… Funny how I have this war in my head….. “oh just walk”….”No, you got this!” Who knew that running was such mental game!

    Take care of yourself!!!!! More soon!!!!

    1. The body is just so crazy right before a race. Enough already weird stuff!! I’m just so glad I had a good race right before this marathon. It really put me in the mood to give it my best!! Hopefully the humidity will stay away.

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