I’m going to have to start blogging more frequently because I have so much to write, and these posts end up being so big!!  Here it goes – After a well deserved 8 days of rest, I dusted off my “training calendar” from years past to see how I need to transition into my next goal race – the Columbus half marathon on October 16th.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Columbus half?  It’s a good time, and we have a lot of friends that run it.  So we get to enjoy some huge burgers and beers post race with some great running friends (and my (ex-)coach Chris!).

Anyhow, the plan for Monday said 5 miles.  No problem.  That’s a nice easy start!  Unfortunately my hamstrings were not thinking the same thing.  🙁  Those little SOBs were being painful and tight.  Fortunately it wasn’t as bad of a pain as I felt a few months ago, but it was highly reminiscent of the days right after my Glass City marathon in April.  Noooooooooooooooooo!

Perhaps I should have just stopped running after the sore 3 miles I ran on the treadmill (because it was too dark outside), but honestly I was too ticked off at that point so I finished up with 2 miles around my neighborhood after the bus stop.  It was pretty excellent weather out, so I didn’t want to pass up that opportunity.

At night, I went out for a ride with my friend and biked 13.1 miles (I didn’t even plan that distance!).   My legs didn’t feel any worse after that, which made me happy.  It’s always a fine line to get the rest and recovery my body needs, but also wanting to get back out there and feel like I’m getting the proper training in to achieve my goals.

2016-09-20 15.05.30
Chat with Coach. Can I have race goals AND recover?? Not sure…


So yeah, this return to running not starting out ideal, but maybe the hamstrings will not evolve into anything serious.  Like last time 🙁  I skipped the intervals that were on the plan for Monday, but instead did a group run with the ladies from our local Moms/She Runs This Town group.  It was a very nice social event for me, and an easy 3.5 miles.  A few of us even went out for a drink afterwards.  Yeah us!

2016-09-21 07.13.35
Luau themed run. What a great group of ladies!!


Sadly though, my “pulled hamstring/glute” was quite annoying when I first started running last night.  This morning I had planned on taking advantage of my kids having a 2 hour school delay and getting an 11 mile run in this morning, but last night I tossed and turned and felt the pain every time I flipped over.  That, combined with conversation I had with my husband before I went to bed, questioning if an 11 mile run was wise – sleep wasn’t going very well.  My alarm was set for 5:30am, but I turned it off around 4:45am.  Then I thought I’d get up at 6:30am and run just 6 miles.  But again, debated if running even just a little would be a better choice than just taking a rest day.  In the end, I laid in bed until the last minute and the run was skipped.  Which put me in a grumpy mood 🙁  Time for some research on how long it takes for strains to heal, and what I should be doing about it!!  Enough already.

Moving on to fun stuff we did this past weekend… went to Cedar Point for HalloWeekends.  Roller coasters. Pumpkins.  And lots of fun!  Sadly, my kids are getting too big to go through the “trick or treating” area.  We all missed the candy!!!

2016-09-18 16.38.25 2016-09-18 11.15.56

And lastly… when I’m in need of a little running inspiration I should just look at this picture.  The back story is that this is the first time Sydney ran in spikes.  She has had the shoes for at least a month now but hadn’t really “tried them out” yet.  So, on this rainy XC meet day, she laced up those spikes and went for it.  She smoked the course and finished 7th out of 113 girls (13:39, her best time yet!).  With a big, well earned, smile on her face.

2016-09-17 09.14.13
Pump those arms girl!!

I’ll try to keep it low key this week so I don’t get back into another cycle of injury.  No one’s got time for that!!  😉


Q:  Do you enjoy breaks in training cycles and just being able to do “whatever”?

Q:  Which do you think is worse, illness that prevents you from running, or injury?

Q:  Have you ever run in spikes?

I prefer being on some sort of running schedule.  I get a little antsy without a plan of what I should run!  I also think an illness is “better” because at least then I know I will get over the sickness, but injuries are so vague sometimes and you never know when they will end!

10 thoughts on “Getting back to it… or at least trying to.”
  1. I’ve never been to Cedar Point but I’ve always heard how awesome it is! One of these days…

    I’d have to say that trying to return from an injury sucks. I’ve been dealing with one that’s never gotten better for over 2 years now and I’m going through a phase where even walking can be a struggle and I can’t really sit at all. I wish I could run but right now I just can’t 🙁

    1. Oh man, that sucks! I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you can return to doing all of the stuff you love soon. I know it’s hard.
      Cedar Point is our favorite. I’m glad we got season passes this year. We’ve definitely got our money’s worth out of them!

  2. I would definitely vote for being sick over being injured. At worst, a cold or the flu will last 7-10 days, but an injury has a mind of it’s own and can last weeks, months, years. After running NYC last November, I swore I was taking 2016 off from marathons. I have enjoyed running when and if I feel like it, but, now I am starting to feel that need for more structure. Ramping up the mileage and seeing if I can get back in shape for a Spring marathon. Of course, with the increase in mileage, the old injuries start to resurface. Left Achilles is sore and my right upper hamstring is barking at me.

    1. Biking actually does not bother them, at least not while I’m doing it. I’m still unsure if it feels worse afterwards (the next day), but I don’t think that’s the case. My hamstring hurts when I stretch my right leg forward in running, and biking never reaches that far of a reach. Me and my bike are becoming quite good friends 🙂 I’m still not sure if stretching the muscle is good for it, or bad! You would think gentle stretching is good, right?

  3. Way to go Sydney!

    That’s so annoying about the Hammys. Don’t they know it’s racing season?! Maybe they just need a couple more days of rest from the marathon and then you’ll be back to normal!

    I am conflicted about breaks in training. I think it’s nice not having to plan my weekends around my runs, but during the week I hate not having a set schedule. I always have to create myself a training plan even if I’m not training for something just so I can plan out my runs in advance. If I have to think about what I’m going to do after work it’s almost always going to just be an easy 3 miler. If I want to get in any quality runs on a break I really have to plan in advance!

    1. With me being an early morning runner, I really rely on that time to wake me up and get me energized. I feel like a loaf if I’m not getting that sweat on! I guess I could get up and lift weights or something, but that just seems hard. Running is so mindless sometimes, it makes it so much easier to workout!
      I give you some serious kudos for getting out in that Florida heat in the evening!!! Way to get it done!

  4. Injury, hands down, the worse thing ever!!! At least with an acute illness like a cold, you know that within about 5-7 days you’ll be back to running….. injury is always an unknown time frame!

    I have never ran in spikes….. man, your daughter looks like a natural! :):)

    And, I just love the theme run!!!! My friend that does not live close to me does this with her running group! They have the most fun! !

    1. The spikes concept is all new to me. Didn’t even know that you could replace them! So, we’re both learning that one. An added bonus – it’s easy to spot her with that shoe color. Not surprising there are a lot of XC girls with blonde ponytails that look a lot like her during a race!
      The next group run might have a Halloween costume theme. I will have to start thinking about what I could wear!

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