Did you catch that I had wanted to go apple picking last weekend?  The MacQueen’s orchard is our destination of choice and we pretty much only had one free night to do it – so we went on Tuesday!  You’d think there would just be crickets there on a Tuesday night, but actually there were quite a few families there picking apples and getting some delicious treats from the store.  Curses on you people standing in line next to me with the donuts.  They smelled soooooooooooo good!   We were on a mission… apple picking!


Before I show you our pictures I wanted to tell you that if you’re thinking about running the MacQueen’s Run for Your Life 5K or 10K (and kids run), the registration fee will go up on Saturday, so sign up now to save $5 and guarantee your shirt size!

Click on this link to sign up.

Apple picking is a Fall family tradition for us.  We drive our truck out into the orchards and pick several varieties.

My wardrobe requirement – black, grey or blues. No shirts with the work “suck” or “beer” on them. Racing shirts only allowed if they have Boston on them.
A few apples may have been consumed.


When I see family pictures like this I’m reminded of how big my kids are getting.  Well, this, and when I share shoes with my daughter!!


We used to actually stand on the truck to reach the top apples, but now my kids just take the direct approach of climbing the tree!


It’s also fun looking at the outtakes and see what my camera caught when I was screwing around with the tripod and the camera timer.


3…2…1…. drats. Missed it again.


Q: Do you have any foods that you pick at the farm? – apples, pumpkins, strawberries?

Q: Have you had any professional, studio portraits taken lately?

Not since I bought my Cannon DSLR!

Q:  The 2017 Boston marathon cut off was announced to be 2:09.  Did you, or any bummed out friend, not make the cut for 2017?  

It would have been a close call for me.  Targeting 3:52:30 would have got it for me, 3:53:00 would not!  Glad I didn’t even have to stress about that this year!  Sorry for those who didn’t make it 🙁

9 thoughts on “MacQueens – apple picking and race coming up”
  1. When you tell me that I can’t wear a shirt that has running, beer, or the word “sucks” on it….you eliminate like 95% of my wardrobe!!! Wait, I do have a few from Mexico, but those have tequila on them.

      1. I am. My sister just moved up that way so free lodging! My wife and Brother in law are running as well.

          1. Thanks! I am still on cloud 9. Way to battle through a tough day. I have never had that much salt formed on my body!

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