I signed up for a race!  “What?”, you might say – “Lisa, aren’t you injured/still recovering right now?”  Why yes, that is true.  But this race is on Oct. 9th, and it’s a 10K.  The perfect distance to “test out the waters” for Columbus half on Oct. 16th, and it also looks like a lot of fun!  10K’s are a bit hard to find around here, so when I get a chance to run, I say “go for it!”  (and, I really, really, really hope my running will feel better by then!!)

The MacQueeen’s apple orchard is right by my house.  In fact, we almost went apple picking this weekend, but apparently we could not cram one more thing into our weekend as we hoped.  But soon we will be there picking those yummy apples.  This race encourages costumes too, so just maybe I’ll think of something fun to wear for it!

If you’re not up for the 10K distance, there is also a 5K race and a kids fun run.  Perfect for the whole family.

Go to to sign up for this race, or head on over to Run Toledo’s website for more information about the race.  You’re guaranteed a shirt if you register by Sept. 30th, which is also when the current pricing ends.  So save a few $$ and register before the price goes up 🙂


I haven’t raced a 10K in a few years, so I have no idea what will be going down on race day.  In fact, I might not even be “race ready” by then since I’ve only run a couple of days this week! (yikes!).  Even if I’m not race ready, I’ll be having a good time just being around our great running community, having some cider, and eating some donuts.  It’s all good.


Q:  Do you run 10K’s very often?

Q:  Have any suggestions on easy/free costumes for me to wear??

Q:  Thoughts – donuts or bagels, which is the better post race food?

It’s hard to say no to a donut after a run!!

5 thoughts on “MacQueens Run for your Life 10K!”
    1. It’s funny because that foot pain is just a vague memory now. I had almost forgotten about it, and have been able to wear high heels the last two days! Most on my mind is the strained glute, but foam rolling has really helped that out. Things are on an upswing this week. Hope it stays that way!

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