I looked at my last blog post and I thought it was a bit random. I think I only put down half of my thoughts, because my daughter was hovering over me wanting me to look for school supplies.  And to make dinner.  You know, life stuff!  Anyhow, I didn’t get a true diagnosis from the Dr., but he did think that it was PF, but even if it was a bruised heel, the outcome was still the same – take it easy, ice it, Ibuprofen, and do stretches – but it would be OK (enough) to run on.

I felt a bit silly when I was at the Dr’s visit because my foot didn’t seem to be hurting as bad as it did previously in the day – especially when he was pressing on certain spots of my foot.  I swear that happens to me often.  Does that ever happen to you? No really, it does hurt right there… except when you press on it 🙂  There was a student “Dr in training” at my appointment too and when I was talking I felt my face was turning red.  And then I was sweating!  Pitted out my shirt.  Oh my.  I felt a bit psycho.

“So tell me Dr, my foot hurts, but I have to run the fastest marathon of my life in 4 days.  Do you think I should do it???  I mean, it only hurts when I walk!”

Being a sports Dr, I guess they hear it all.  I wanted to share two dreams with you.  No, not my big dream to run Boston, and then win the whole race (hahahaa), it’s two pre-race dreams I had!

The first is from two years ago.  I had this dream the night before the Erie marathon, at the hotel.  I dreamed I ran the race and qualified!  (which I really did in true life the next day)  In my dream I called my mom and told her I qualified.  Oh happy day, I was so excited!!  But then I woke up.  Harsh reality set in that I really hadn’t run the race yet, and I still had to go out and do it!  Total bummer!!!

Race finish in 2014. Yes I did BQ!!  Chip time was 3:53:27


The other dream happened last night.  I dreamed I was running a marathon which was a little crowded.  Just like my real marathon, my focus was on my pace time and I was getting a bit stressed if I was maintaining it.  Then, instead of a water stop, we all had to make a stop where we did a math worksheet!!!  yes, MATH!@!  I was in tears of frustration because I couldn’t figure out the answer to a story problem about how much fabric was necessary to make 5 dresses (4.4 yards for each dress…).  OMG!  I was crying to Alan telling him that was the reason I didn’t make my goal because of the math.  I also wasn’t sure why I just didn’t use the calculator on my phone like everyone else, but I felt like it was cheating if I did.  hahahahaha  (and that’s why I only plan out-and-back long runs.  I can’t calculate the miles otherwise!!)

2015-09-13 11.23.33
Alan’s favorite picture from the race last year. Yes, I am dying and in pain.  He is not.  He had to help me move my legs from that position.  No joke.


I woke up irritated this morning due to that dream.  I went out for a little test run, not because my foot felt better, but just to see how it was going to react.  Honestly, it feels more tender when I walk on it than when I run on it.  I felt it during my run, but just as a reminder that it was there. I didn’t consider it painful.  Of course that one mile run truly simulates almost four hours of pounding on it during a race.  ha!  I love to look back on my posts like this – and sometimes it’s “here is where I made that bad decision and jacked up my foot/knee/glute/leg”.  Doh!

Well, that’s enough for now.  I think this will be it before the race.  Let’s all cross our fingers for good race weather, wind at my back, pain at bay (both foot and glutes!).  The race stats for me and age group:

  • Time needed to qualify for Boston = faster than 3:55
  • Time cut off last year to run Boston = faster than 3:52:31 last year
  • My marathon PR = 3:53:27
  • My goal race time = 3:50, or 8:45 pace (go for the gusto!)

Fun fact: more than 30% of the runners at the Erie Marathon qualify for Boston.  Hope I am one of them!! See you on the other side!!


Q: Do you ever have crazy race dreams?

Q:  Do you have any weekend plans?  

Think of me from 7am – 11am on Sunday!!

7 thoughts on “Race dreams and the sore foot”
  1. Good luck this weekend. My one and only BQ was at Erie in 2013. 3:54:15. After 10 years of trying and running 18 marathons, I FINALLY ran a BQ, but I knew the second I crossed the finish line that it would not be enough for Boston. Elation tinged with regret for not running just a little bit faster.

    1. That feeling drives me crazy at the end – how come I couldn’t figure out earlier in 26 miles that the finish would come down to needing to cross the finish in xxxx seconds/minutes? Could have just cut off xxxx seconds back there somewhere… Yep, always a mystery to me every time I cross the finish.
      My body is telling me I really need to give that BQ goal a rest after this for sure. It’s more fun without the pressure anyways!

    1. Thanks Meg! I’m sure that will be bittersweet cheering on your brother, but you know how great it is to support the runners too!! I’ll be thinking of you during my race too! Thanks for your support and following my blog 🙂

  2. I love that pic because so many times it was me laying on the ground feeling like death or barely able to hobble back to the car. It is great to finish a marathon and feel fine! Unfortunately with me pacing Sunday, if you complain that something hurts I’ll bring up how I felt about hour 28 into the Mohican run!

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