This past weekend was looming on my calendar for awhile now.  A weekend packed full of things to do!!  I thought for sure I would be sick by Monday, but luckily that was not the case despite the busyness and less than ideal weather.  So here’s what I did this past weekend:

Friday – Long run!!  My “plan” said 13 miles with 3/4 at easy pace, and then race pace for the last 1/4.  I split it up into thirds (because I’m such a rebel) and came up with 5 miles easy, 4 miles a bit faster, and then 4 at “race pace” (whatever that is!).  I found this run to be extra exhausting!  Man, I feel out of shape.  Blah.  But, cross it off my list, I made it back home and miles were run (with a few breaks to catch my breath!).  I started out with a long sleeve shirt on.  As I went farther, I had less and less clothes on!  I tend to get quite heated, and annoyed by wearing excess clothes when I run!

2016-09-30 08.47.48 2016-09-30 09.00.22

Friday night I went to my high school class reunion.  30 years.  I gag at that number!  Anyhow, it rained and we were stuck under some tents at my old high school’s homecoming football game.  No one got to see my beautiful straight hair, they had to see my “curlier than a clown” hair that appears when it’s humid/wet outside.  A shame.  It was a pretty small turnout, given that our graduating class was around 350 people, but still, it was entertaining to see how much people have changed and fun to see my girlfriends again!  I stayed out until 11:30!!  That’s like 2am to me 🙂  Party!!!!

2016-10-01 11.09.13

Fun fact… I have know this girl, Laura, since birth!  We were born one day apart, in the same hospital – cribs in the same hospital nursery.  Went to school together, and here we are, 48 years later!!

2016-09-30 23.08.18

Saturday night was my niece’s wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding.  These two were high school sweethearts and have been dating for 12 years!!!  T W E L V E  years!!  So glad to see she finally got a ring and they are now Mr & Mrs.  What a great couple. 🙂

2016-10-01 14.22.50

2016-10-01 18.02.09

It was fun to get all dressed up.  My kids have never been to a wedding!  I was kind of surprised when I realized that fact.  They did have a good time though.  I even got them out on the dance floor.

2016-10-01 17.56.23 2016-10-01 18.15.28 2016-10-01 20.07.40

My Sunday run was a tempo run.  Yep, another exhausting run!  I have a pretty vague idea on what my race pace should be for Columbus half, so I just winged it and ran fast for the “fast miles”.  It started out pretty good, but then I just burned myself out at that pace.  Another somewhat disappointing run due to my rest breaks.  Such a bad, bad habit I need to break.  I really need to just slow the pace down so I can continue and not have to stop.  

Sunday afternoon was our neighborhood block party.  The block party was put together on pretty short notice by me and few other neighbors.  Regardless of that, I think we actually put together a pretty good event!  Bounce houses, DJ, face painting, sports, and LOTS of food.

2016-10-02 16.15.22 2016-10-02 17.32.01

Sunday night I met with my fellow Glass City Marathon race Ambassadors.  I’ll tell you about that in another post! 😉

So yep, I was pretty darn tired by Sunday night and was glad to be home.


Q:  How long have you known your oldest friend?

Q:  Have you been to any weddings lately?

Q: Does your neighborhood have block parties?


8 thoughts on “30 years, 12 years, and my neighbors”
  1. Love the idea of the block party!! SO FUN!!!!

    And, love the picture of your family at the weeding!! Looks like that was a blast too!!!!!!
    Going to weddings is my favorite thing to do!!!! They are always so different!!! I always say that when I become really old, I am going to make it a habit to crash weddings!! LOL!! I mean seriously, people from different sides of the family always will assume your are on the other side of the family!! HA! HA!

    1. Weddings are fun!! We were a little bummed because they served small pieces of cake. So we just ate 3 of them. Bahahaha (there was plenty) I really should have taken more than just iPhone pictures in the dim light of my family – kinda rare we get all dressed up. Need to preserve those memories!

  2. Nice job on your 13-miler with negative splits! 🙂

    I wonder if there is something about the 12th year of dating because Adam and I will hit the 12 year mark this November and he’s brought up marriage twice in the last couple of months. Previously we had barely talked about it except to say that since we’re not having kids it’s just not high on the priority list. That 12th year must be the marriage year haha!
    Kristina Running recently posted…Picking Paint ColorsMy Profile

    1. 12 years of dating for you too?? Congrats and maybe marriage will be lurking around the corner for you (I hope so!!). We didn’t have kids until we were married 10 years. Wasn’t anything that interested us at the time. Then, something just clicked and it seemed like a really good idea. And luckily it was! 🙂

    1. Reunions are kind of iffy since they are organized by the class president (student council) usually. They just might not be motivated to do it! But I encourage everyone to attend one. Even if you didn’t “like the people” back then, everyone changes and it’s interesting to see them.

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