This past weekend we ventured over to a “Getting to know your park” event that was happening at Blue Creek metropark.  We have been to this park before, not even knowing it was a new metro park in our area!  It houses the “big hill” that the cross country team runs on (aka, that hill where I hurt my foot trying to keep up with the 7 & 8 graders), and also has the soccer fields my son play at.

It’s great that they are expanding this land into a metro park because that makes it the fourth park we can bike/run to all from our house!  So awesome to be connected to so many great outdoor places with a paved rail-to-trail system.

Here are the things we tried at the park that day…

Archery (I LOVE archery!)

2016-10-22 10.21.27 archery1 archery2


kayak2 kayak1

Bird watching (no picture!)  We did learn a very important tip on how to use binoculars properly.  Game changer!

Pumpkin chucking (well, that’s what I called it..)


Fat tire bike riding (once again, that’s what I called it!)  We rode up the back side of that hill in the archery picture.  WHEW!  Exhausting!!


Carriage ride


Bouldering – We weren’t even sure what this was going to be, and then were happily surprised that it was challenging, but really fun!

I’m scaling the wall like Spider-Man! Glad I wore my stretchy jeans 😉

Zachary was a pro at this activity!
My son had a day of glory because his picture was in the Sunday newspaper!  He cut the picture out and hung it on his bedroom door 🙂

Finally, I’ll leave you with a shot of my kittens this morning after my run.  My shoes weren’t stinky (practically brand new!), but the shoe laces were irresistible to the little ones!

2016-10-26 07.18.54-1


Q:  Have you ever been bouldering?

I went to an indoor rock climbing gym with Alan years ago and really loved it.  My family all wants to put this activity on our to-do list for the winter.

Q:  Do you prefer kayaking or canoeing?

Q: Do you enjoy bird watching?


4 thoughts on “Blue Creek metropark adventures”
    1. It’s very similar but I think a canoe is a little more likely to tip, and a little more “kludgy” when you paddle. You sit low in the kayak, and it seems a little more effortless to paddle.
      Kittens are heading back to the shelter today 🙁 I’ll miss them, but they are getting a bit crazy!

  1. Awww the kitties! I am jealous.

    Omg archery!!! I did that in gym class in HS and I would always snap the rope on the inside of my arm. OW. Your son looks tiny in that kayak! Why are the tires so fat on the bike???
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…I’m back!My Profile

    1. The fat tires are for snow/sand/rough terrain. They are huge! The interesting part is that they are only inflated to 10 or 15 PSI, which is really low. Our new bikes have 100 psi (super firm). The coolest thing was a push button on that bike I rode which would allow you to move the seat up or down – while you were riding it!! (which I guess would be super handy while riding up/down mountain trails…)

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