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2016-11-11 09.33.08
The calm before the crazy storm inside my brain.

When your day off work rolls around, do you have a hard time finding things to do?  I don’t!  Typically my day off is filled with a long run in the morning, and then various errands or chores.  But what about when you’re tapering??  No long run scheduled for the day.  A free day??  My mind is filled with a million things I want to do.  

When I had a free day before Churchill’s half, I decided it would be a great time to fill up my freezer with some meals!  I enjoy cooking, but I also love having a bunch of food that I can plan on not having to do anything to get it on the table for my family.  So I spent my week prior to Friday pulling together a bunch of recipes and making a grocery list.  I swear I was having some sort of brain failure because I put together WAY TOO MANY recipes.  It’s hard to see the big picture when I was so focused on the end result!!! 🙂

I hit Sam’s Club with my list before it was even open to the public (thanks early hours for business memberships!!).  Then I decided the super large cans of tomato products were such a great deal and I really needed them!!  Who can pass up $2.98 for a freaking huge can of tomato sauce?   Not me.   Look, I’ve got 4 super duper huge size of cans!! (102 oz)

2016-11-11 08.29.17

It was still so early, Aldi wasn’t open (my original planned destination to make all of these meals cheap!), so I went to Walmart next door and bought the rest of my items on my list.  It looked like this when I got home.

2016-11-11 09.56.51
Bags of hamburger and chicken hiding behind the cans!

2016-11-11 13.04.18

My recipes consisted of two categories – bags of meals that could be thawed and dumped into a crockpot, or a casserole that could be thawed and popped in the oven for an hour.  My casseroles involved pasta, and soon I was in over my head. Literally.  With a ton of pasta.  What was I thinking???

2016-11-11 11.04.59

I started bagging all of the crockpot meals, and finding containers to put the casseroles in.  These little bag holders are a lifesaver on a day like this!!

2016-11-11 15.48.00

Within a few hours I felt a sinking feeling that I had WAY TOO MUCH food and my freezer was not going to hold all of the meals I had picked out.  We have a separate freezer, but still, there are a lot of other things already in the freezer!  I got about halfway through and I still had a big bag of groceries left!  And some of the recipes were not very detailed.  They said things like “put in pan”.  Was that a 9×9 pan, or a 9×13?  Was I supposed to grease it??  In my frustration I decided that I needed a break from my kitchen, and went out for some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful day (race packet pick up and Pokemon Go playing with Alan!!).

2016-11-11 14.35.51

Even a few days later I had a random collection of groceries that were just not going to make the cut this time around, so I stuck them in my pantry.  Is it just me, or do you ever find a can of a random ingredient that went to some recipe you forgot to make?  “Now why did I buy those sun dried tomatoes??”

2016-11-11 13.04.13

In the end, I did have a freezer packed to the brim with food we’d be eating for months to come.  I hope they are good because I’ve never tried any of these recipes before!

2016-11-13 13.57.03

Now the only thought on my mind…. where am I going to put the Thanksgiving pie and turkey that I need to buy very soon??



How about you?….

Q:  Do you ever have “freezer cooking” sessions?

Q:  Do you use a crockpot very often?

Q:  What’s your go-to meal when you forgot to plan dinner?

Cereal.  We love cereal!!

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