*editors note:  oops!  I was supposed to post this before Thanksgiving, but I forgot!  So here it is:  Although my “big” races are done for the year, I do have several holiday 5Ks coming up super soon!

Neighborhood Turkey Trot (Nov 24th)– we’ve been invited back for the 3rd annual 5K run in our neighborhood!  So cool that we live in a neighborhood with a bunch of runners!!  And they provide treats for after the run! Last year we spilled hot chocolate on the host’s garage floor.  I am hoping we are not so klutzy this year 🙂

2016 runners in our ‘hood!

*update:* We indeed were not klutzy.  The host actually provided lids for the hot chocolate cups this year, probably due to us.  Great upgrade!  Here another upgrade:  the winners got pies!!  Yes, pies!!!!!  Although Sydney came in first place for “girls”, I was first place for “females” (women!) and I got a pie.  We both got bling-ed out awards 🙂

2016-11-24 09.14.41
I was so excited to get a pie! And look, that’s my new Ambassador jacket.

2016-11-24 08.52.58

The 5K was well attended.  What a great neighborhood we live in!  Zachary also got a new PR at this race – 25:54.  He did awesome.

2016-11-24 08.42.28
When we asked a neighbor to take our picture, she asked us to recreate us crossing the finish line. Nailed it!

2016-11-24 08.42.52-1

After the neighborhood race we went to the park for our annual Willford family Turkey Trot.  Yes, we wear racing bibs everywhere we go.  Because we are always “game on”.  You just never know when the opportunity might present itself.  haha!!

2016-11-24 09.52.16 HDR 2016-11-24 09.47.24 HDR

The family ran a little over 2 miles, but since I’m trying to break a goal this year in mileage, I had to run around the parking lot for .7 miles to get to 3 miles!  Glad the family had a nice warm truck to wait in while they watched me run circles!!

Here we are 5 years ago when we started our Thanksgiving day run tradition…  awwww, my kids were so little!

2016-11-24 10.32.09

Here are my other races/events planned for this year:

Holiday Hustle (Nov 26th)– this race happens when they turn the Christmas lights on in downtown Maumee.  It happens right before the holiday parade.  Two cool things about this race is 1) dressing up with lights and in holiday “stuff”, and 2) the last quarter mile of the race is on the newly lit up downtown street with the crowds waiting for Santa’s arrival (in the parade) cheering us on!  I think this is our 4th year running this race as a family.  Can’t miss it!

Miracle on Main Street (Dec 4th)– this race takes place on another main street close to us in Sylvania.  Santa’s arrival, and tree lighting ceremony follows the race.  And, we get scarves!  How fun is that!

In addition to those races, I also was invited to two group runs where we will be running, socializing, and enjoying the town’s Christmas lights and decorations.  I feel truly blessed to be a part of such a great running community.

After all of that running, I might just indulge in all of the holiday food until New Years.  Enjoy the season, right??


Q:  Will you be attending any holiday themed races this year?

Q:  Have you ever run in a costume for a race?

We will dress up for the Holiday Hustle.  I think that’s the only one I run in a “costume”.

Q:  Were you cooking for Thanksgiving this year?

8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Races, the 2016 edition”
  1. Love the Holiday Hustle 5k! Always fun to run around with a bunch of x-mas lights around your neck. You do that in July and people just think you are weird. But come December, it is totally OK.

  2. Awwww the family that runs together … is the cutest family ever!

    Congrats on all the bling and pie earned at the turkey trot! That’s so funny that the girls were separated from the females LOL! 😀
    Kristina Running recently posted…Blog Issues!My Profile

    1. It’s funny because a top cross country runner in the neighborhood always wins the “boys” category and they said they might have to create a new category for runners who are “not him”, instead of “boys”! They will probably say that about our family next year!! haha

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