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Now that my “racing season” has pretty much ended for 2016 (all big races are done for the year), I find myself at that odd spot of what to do between seasons.  The dreaded “off season”.  I know my body needs a rest, but when it comes around to actually doing that rest, that’s a whole other story.

Being a runner, I sure don’t have to tell you the great benefits of getting that run in.  My morning run definitely make my day 100x more organized, energized, and makes me a much better person to be around!  So what is the fine line between resting and running?  I get that anxious feeling like I “have” to run and I really want to run.

I looked at my week and put some workouts on my calendar…

weekly workouts

I don’t think my workout calendar has ever been filled with so many question marks!!  But it’s all good.  Getting a little more sleep never hurt anyone, and giving my hamstrings and glutes the break they deserve will help me in the end.

2016-11-06 07.49.39-1 copy

As I look to 2017, I have a few goals….

1) Run the Glass City Marathon as a relay with my kids. (April 2017) It’s a 5 person relay, so I still need to figure out what we are doing with that extra spot (any runners out there wanting to run with us???), but I’m sure I can recruit a runner friend pretty easily.

2) Run the half at Glass City as part of the relay!  I can be the first leg of the relay and still run the half.  That way, I still have a sizable goal to train for in the Spring and not feel “left out” when everyone else is out doing their training runs!

3) TRAIN for the half.  Since I’ve been on a training plan for a full the past 4 years, I haven’t really trained for a half.  So I’d like to get an aggressive half training plan and do some work.  This is assuming I will have fixed all prior injuries (glutes, hamstrings) before I get into this training so I have a good chance at succeeding with the plan.

4) Run my first full trail marathon – Mohican! (June 2017) Alan has told me this is going to be great, so we’re running it together.  I am looking forward to this new adventure, and maybe learning how to run on trails without face planting every mile!

5) Run Erie Marathon and BQ (Sept 2017).  There, I said it.  I really do want to run Boston again and I think Erie is my best shot.

That looks like I’m training for marathons again all year, but I’ve been told the trail marathon will be much different so it’s really not the full training plan I’ve done in the past.  A little “easier” on the training side, think endurance instead of speed.  Maybe more weight training needed??

As for the rest of this year, I’m hoping to get just a few miles more in than the total miles I ran last year.  I ran 1,813 miles in 2015 – so if I run 28 miles a week in each week, I’m all set!  Here’s to goals!


What about you?….

Q:  What goals do you have for next year?  Faster, longer, or just getting healthy??

Q:  Will you have run more miles this year than last year?

Q:  What do you when you’re not on a training plan?  Do you stick to a schedule of runs?


4 thoughts on “Workouts in the off season, 2107 goals”
  1. I, like you, look forward to my morning runs…I feel so much better starting my day after a run.
    I did a trail race last year that was part of a ultra…I just did 10 miles to test the waters lol because i have a few good trail marathons near me. I know I would really enjoy it, but I will be not as focused on time. I am slower on technical but the challenge is fun! I think you’ll really enjoy it.
    I haven’t thought much about 2017, I guess i need to get busy lol

    1. Karen – just read your race recap! Good job on pushing through it. Are you feeling antsy after finishing your marathon – like you have to get up every day and still train?? “I need to run 8 miles today!” It took me a while to come down from marathon training.

  2. I want to start 2017 totally healthy and this will be the first year in 2 years that I don’t have a 100 miler planned. Will focus on trying to get faster and staying healthy through the year. And since I turn 50 this fall, want to set PRs in the 5k, half, and full marathon after my birthday. Who says you have to get slower as you age? ha

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