Welcome to the weekend everyone!

2016-11-04 11.42.35-1

Before I start I’d like to give a shout out to Ellen who is running her first marathon on Sunday in Athens!!  Yes, the one in Greece.  THAT marathon.  WOW!!  I’ll be thinking of her and cheering her on! I’m sure she will have a recap soon on her blog.

It’s been a pretty crazy week, so I’d like to talk about some great stuff that happened this week.  My week started out a little sad, because we took the foster kittens back.  I was super happy to regain control of our sunroom, but I’ll miss those kittens popping up in random places!

2016-11-06 14.18.53

Super cool new thing I found at the grocery store… did you even know these existed?  I did not.  It was soooooooo delicious.  I never dreamed they could make peanut butter cups better!

2016-11-05 22.31.49

Since we hit daylight savings, I get a few more minutes of light in the morning so I’ve ventured outside for several pre-work runs.  I was actually disappointed that it wasn’t darker out because I wanted to test out my reflective top!

2016-11-10 07.27.04

Sadly, I missed the warm weather by a week, but when it comes back, I’ll be all set with the matching shorts!

2016-11-07 17.01.05

Everywhere I look I am amazed by the beauty of nature and Fall.  My neighborhood..

2016-11-11 09.33.08

The park… (the last leaves hanging in there!)

2016-11-11 14.35.51

The burning bushes in my yard…

2016-11-09 07.38.04

One of our Fall traditions is to make some pressed leaves to hang in the window, so we can enjoy them longer… they were also a curiosity to the kittens!

2016-11-04 09.35.56

And finally, frost is starting to appear in the mornings!  I’m getting ready for my half marathon tomorrow and it will probably right around 35 at the start!  Brrrrrrr.  Debating on what to wear.

2016-11-10 07.28.18

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!  Also hope you enjoyed the pictures.  They made me happy 🙂


What about you?……

Q:  Do you like Fall, or have another favorite season?

I’m glad we live in a place with four seasons.  I love them all!

Q:  30 – 40 degree running temperatures?  What would you wear?

Q: What are your favorite candies?

Anything chocolate for me!!!





3 thoughts on “Why I love Fall, and what to wear??”
  1. More kittens, please.

    I think fall is my favorite running season. I love the 30° to 40° runs, the crisp-but-not-brutal air, and especially the cloud-free 5:00 AM sky–lots of stars and in the last two weeks I’ve seen as many meteors. I too love the burning bushes right now. Incredible that such a bold red hue occurs naturally.

    I’ve been wearing shorts and a translational weather jacket with cuffins layered over a tank or tech tee. My rule of thumb is that if it’s 36° or warmer, I wear shorts.

    1. Hmmm, I think I’m closer to 45-50 for shorts. I usually err on having more clothes on the bottom vs the top! I find it stressful to dress for a race. More pressure to get it right, or you’ll effect the enjoyment factor of your race!
      So cool that you have seen meteors!!!

  2. I am a sucker for kittens and everything they do is adorable lol it’s so great for them to have foster love so they can socialize:)
    I love Fall and winter for the most part. Transitioning to dress is always tricky in 40 and 50’s – I usually still do short sleeves and thin leggings or shorts but once the frost hits I break out the lined stuff 🙂 I hope you had a great half!

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