[Early] Merry Christmas to me!!

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On Wednesday I went in to work a little late in order to pick up some stocking stuffers for the kids.  Success!  On that trip I also stopped by Old Navy.  SUPER success!  I was so excited (and quite surprised) to see the running top I have been eyeing up on the clearance rack.  I had just looked at it online and it was $25, but on clearance it was only $9.50!  Woohoo!  I originally wanted grey, but they didn’t have my size so I got yellow.  Turns out I like the yellow even more than the grey!  Super comfy and great fitting.

2016-12-21 22.02.40

I also found these other great deals…. capris for $3.97 and the top was $5.99.  So cute!  My daughter pointed out that I already have that top – but oh no – I have the same item in a tank top!  Totally different shirt!!

2016-12-21 22.02.11

But my great day didn’t end there!  When we got home from the Christmas Light Run, a package had been delivered.  Hooray, it was my order from Newton!!  I had a gift certificate so I got a pair of shoes, and a few other goodies.  BTW, have you ever tried to take a picture and your cat just wouldn’t leave?? 🙂

2016-12-21 21.57.53

I got a new pair of Newton Motion shoes.  Short sleeve “running legs” t-shirt.   Logo visor (I don’t have a running visor.  I’m looking forward to wearing that this summer!).  And finally, a headband.  Given that I’m going to be doing some trail running in 2017, I figured a cool headband was needed!  But wait.  There’s more!   They also sent me some free holiday socks!

2016-12-21 21.59.23

Cute little reindeer, right?

Yep, it was a pretty darn good day!!


Q:  Do you usually order yours shoes online, or go shopping at the store?

Q:  Do you wear a visor or hat (or sunglasses?) when you run in the summer?

Q:  Have you found any good running deals lately??  

If not, maybe you need  to head on over to Old Navy too!  🙂




10 thoughts on “An early Christmas!”
  1. If I am shopping for a new shoe and try them on at a local running store, then I will buy them from that store, but, if I already know exactly what I want, I will shop on Left Lane Sports or Sierra Trading or EBay. I just bought a pair of Hokas for $39.95 on EBay that normally sell for $150. I normally don’t wear a visor or hat in the summer unless it is raining.

    1. I forgot this was posting today! Probably should have set it for Friday. Oops! Oh well. Love getting a great shopping deal- I got my daughter a super deal on a puffer coat too!

  2. I buy 95% of my shoes off of Ebay. Have gotten Newtons with less than 20 miles for $29 shipped before. Definitely some great bargains to be had if you wait for good deals to pop up.

  3. Those free reindeer socks are adorable!

    What a steal on all of those items from Old Navy! Regular Old Navy clothing always fits me weird. I feel like I’m constantly in between sizes so everything is always just a little bit too snug or just a little bit too loose. I should check out the running stuff though because slightly too tight/too loose isn’t as big of a deal for running gear… actually i guess with running capris we want them tight!

    Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family have an awesome day!
    Kristina Running recently posted…Merry Christmas!My Profile

    1. Thanks, Merry Christmas to you & Adam too!! I know what you mean – a lot of the workout clothes at JCPenney are like that for me – a little too big or too small. The capris from Old Navy are actually a “tall” size, so they are little longer, but for $4 I’m not too concerned! I wish they had that neon top in more colors at the store. I love it a lot. It’s a perfect undershirt for layering!

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