‘Tis the season!  (for planning your 2017 race calendar that is!)

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassador 2017

I know you’re probably reading this on Tuesday, but it’s Monday when I’m typing it! 🙂  Wanted to let you know a couple things about the Glass City Marathon…

  1.  There is one more giveaway going on this week.  Then that’s it! No more free race entries, so you better get on this one if you’d like to win!  Race Ambassador Amanda is giving away the goodies this week, so head over to her blog to enter.
  2. If you’d like to give a great gift to a runner that you know (or drop a big hint on your own wish list), the Glass City Marathon is selling gift certificates this year.  That’s an awesome gift!  Head over to RunSignUp to learn more about that.

Did you end up shoveling your house out after the weather this weekend?  The weather did get pretty crappy around here (for driving) and pretty much all of the schools closed today.  My kids were super excited about that for sure!  I still had to work, so the treat for me was to go visit the Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo tonight.

2016-12-12 19.01.19

2016-12-12 19.13.02

This is another one of our holiday traditions.  I’m glad we went tonight because the temps were good (right around 34), and it’s a school night, so it wasn’t crowded!  We usually try to get there twice in the season, and we try to go at least once when there is snow on the ground.

2016-12-12 17.47.19 2016-12-12 18.40.49

The Toledo Zoo has won contests several years now for the best light display in the country.  I bet you can see why!  It’s really quite incredible.

2016-12-12 18.50.54 2016-12-12 18.51.10

And they even had reindeer!

2016-12-12 18.56.45

2016-12-12 19.01.44

I was so inspired by the lights at the zoo that I even jazzed up our usual white lights in the front yard with some multi color strands this year.  I know – blinded by beauty!  Am I right??

2016-12-12 21.06.11

Don’t worry – this is only a small part of my yard… but the other side pretty much looks the same 🙂  It’s very cute, but will never compete in the Great Christmas Light Fight!


Q:  Do you decorate your yard with Christmas lights?  If so, what color(s) do you use?

Q:  Did they cancel school in your town?

Q:  Have you ever received a free race entry as a gift?

7 thoughts on “GCM Monday & the zoo”
    1. I would love to see snow on the ground all winter long! A lot of people here complain about it, but it does make everything look so clean and pretty. And reindeer, super cute right?? But a little smelly 🙂

    1. Oh no, not blow up Santa! I didn’t get to mention on your blog post, but your house is super decked out and very festive! Do the kitties get into much of the decorations? Our cats are a bit of troublemakers with our decorations!

  1. I string multi-colored lights through the front bushes and the porch railings. That’s about it. Seems like it is always lovely weather when you put them up and then colder than Siberia when it is time to take them down. I put up enough to be festive but also take down quickly. They rarely cancel school here for snow. I can count on one hand the number of times in the last 20 years. Usually it is for sub-zero weather rather than snow. We had -2* this morning. I am getting reacquainted with your friend the treadmill.

    1. I try to take the lights down quickly because I feel like they aren’t durable enough to be out long. I hate replacing dead lights! Maybe more snow heading your way this year – that’s what they say around here, and I’m all for it!

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