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Update – I’m getting pretty close to my goal mileage this year.  Of course, being a tech, I have created this handy spreadsheet which includes a graph!  <nerd alert>


94.7%!!!  So close!!

2016-11-22 15.30.18

Dark, early morning running is a treat, isn’t it?  I mean, when I run indoors on my treadmill in the early AM, matching clothes is obviously not a priority.  In fact, sometimes I even get my clothes on the wrong way.  Take this example of my sports bra being inside out!  Sadly, I didn’t even notice it until I was done!

2016-11-17 07.45.30

Speaking of my treadmill running – now that I’m back to 3 or 4 days on the treadmill, I have to watch out for chaffing again since I’m wearing less clothes.  Ouch!

2016-11-18 07.33.39

And some mornings I’ll run on the treadmill for 4 or 5 miles, and then head outside for more miles after the kids get on the school bus.  Just this morning I had to avoid ice patches on the sidewalk and street.

2016-12-07 07.38.10

The “feels like” temperature was only 17, and they were not kidding.  I froze my thighs!  Time to switch into my fleece lined tights.  Those things rock.

Those are some random thoughts for today for sure!!  🙂


Q:  Do you enjoy crunching numbers or consider yourself a nerd?

Q:  Cold temps in your area? – loving it, or feeling the nip of Winter upon us??

Q:  For cold temps do you prefer wearing glove or mittens?

My hands are rendered useless in mittens.  I must have finger control, so it’s gloves for me!!




15 thoughts on “Nerd alert, morning running and another giveaway!”
  1. I am definitely a nerd! I have a spreadsheet for my training and for my races. My training spreadsheet doesn’t create any pretty graphs but my racing one does. Too bad I haven’t added much to it this year!

    LOL I’ve worn running tops inside out by accident before … outside where other people could see me. Oh well! 😀
    Kristina Running recently posted…My 2017 Running Plans by SeasonMy Profile

    1. We runners love to crunch the numbers! (and hours and minutes and seconds!!!) Your comment reminds me of when my husband runs at the park and forgets to take off the nip guards after his run (and takes his shirt off). Walking around with bandaids on. haha!

  2. It is 18* here this morning but the real-feel temp is 4* with the wind chill. Overcast and snow showers. I hate the treadmill and avoid it whenever possible. I even GAVE mine away! If it really gets cold or the snow is just too deep, I will run on the gym track which is 6 laps to the mile. 30 laps gives me a decent 5 miler. I have to wear mittens. My fingers freeze in the winter. I usually wear a pair of thin Mizuno Breathe Thermal gloves under Smart Wool mittens. That will definitely be today.

    1. Whaaaaa? Gave away your treadmill? I’m not sure we can still be friends based on this difference in views! 😉 Ok, I’ll look past it. Do you just keep track of the lap numbers in your head? I think I would lose count!

      1. Friend of mine gave me a click counter that I wear. Trying to keep track in my head usually works up to 2?

  3. I never set a goal for yearly mileage, because you just know I’d be running 100+ mile weeks in December to try and beat it! And aren’t you glad I moved the treadmill to the other side of the basement so everything is now reversed? ha

  4. I used to count my mileage but not anymore. In fact I never even upload my Garmin to Garmin connect anymore! Must be nice to have the option to be toasty in the mornings! 🙂 It was really cold this am but I was still in shorts. The only things cold were my chin and knees.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…A crazy running dream!My Profile

    1. Dang, still in shorts? Unless it’s 45 I don’t think I’ll be wearing shorts, and even then I convince myself I need capris. I haven’t “hardened up” yet to the cold! What’s your temperature threshold to switch into tights?

  5. haha, I am all about your spreadsheet and percentages lol I have the same nerd issues 🙂
    Watch that ice! The TM is a good call when it is that cold. We are going to get quite a blast of cold here too…I can’t say I’m thrilled. I like anything around freezing temps but when it get into the teens not so much.
    I have a bunch of dollar store gloves I wash after every run 🙂

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